4th Graders New On Campus

4th Graders New On Campus

Jasmine and Ava

Have you ever wondered what 4th graders felt like going to school on campus for the first time ? Because last year was online learning, the current 4th graders couldn’t learn in person. That means that this is their first time learning on campus. This must have been very exciting and also a little bit scary.


However, many 4th graders are excited to be on campus in person. Mia K., a 4th grader, told us what she likes about this year. She said, “I really like that I get to meet my teachers and not on Zoom calls.” It seems that many people are excited to be back at school and learning in person.  

Many 4th graders like the North Star campus. Micheala Y., a 4th grader, told us, “I like the outdoors and mostly just the black top.” 

The fourth graders also told us what they don’t like about this school. Some 4th graders feel the campus could use improvement. Ethan C., a 4th grader, said “It’s very dirty and crowded.” Some also think that the technology could use improvement. Wesley  D. said, “I think the technology could be better because the 5th graders get better computers than the 4th graders. Their screens are bigger and their computers have styluses.” 

Many 4th graders agree that this year is a lot different than last year. Wesley D. also said, “It’s different from last year because last year we didn’t have lockers and this year it’s full day not half day.”

However, besides the physical school itself, many people also like things about the content of the school. Sophia L. says, “I like all my classes : Science, Math, and Language Arts.” Jackson C. says that what he likes about this school year is “…coming back in person…I also like doing Science because it’s interesting to me. I’m studying mealworms and I like that.”

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