Mrs. Sjolund and Memories of Her

“My favorite thing about Mrs. Sjolund was that she was kind, and had a sense of humor.” – Julia V. 6th grade

Mrs. Sjolund and Memories of Her

Dennis and Avi

As you all might know, Mrs. Sjolund passed away on September 26th, 2021. We honor her and would like to share favorite memories about her. Mrs. Sjolund taught 3rd grade before teaching 5th grade. Many people remember her telling stories through her puppet Puff The Magic Dragon. Below are stories of people’s favorite memories of Ms. Sjolund that were shared with the Gryphon Gazette:

If 5th grade teacher Mrs. Robinson could have had one thing to say to Mrs. Sjolund it would be, “We miss your beautiful smile and your beautiful hugs.” She added that one of her favorite experiences with Mrs. Sjolund was being her roommate in Outdoor Education.

Her other 5th grade colleague, Mrs. Snyder, remembers that before being a teacher, Mrs. Sjolund was the substitute teacher that everyone wanted to have. After that she was a student teacher in her 3rd grade class.  “It was a wonderful experience,” she said.  She also mentioned how everyone loved her stories including the hand puppet, “Puff The Magic Dragon”. “You are surrounded by love,” Mrs. Snyder wanted to tell her.

Mrs. Roth says that her favorite experience with Mrs. Sjolund was watching the hockey game with her.

Luke says his favorite experience was with Puff the Magic Dragon in 3rd grade.

“My favorite thing about Mrs. Sjolund was that she was kind, and had a sense of humor. I can remember her voice telling me to keep trying and to never give up. I will always remember those words. When my great uncle died, Mrs. Sjolund was always there to help me. She was very kind and sympathetic, and she also gave me an extra week to recover and complete an assignment. She used to read us books through her hand puppet Puff the Dragon, I always loved those stories, even as a fifth grader. Mrs. Sjolund was one of the best teachers and I can’t ever imagine North Star without her. I am going to miss her, along with Puff, for the rest of my life.” – Julia 6th Grade

“My best experience with Mrs. Sjolund was when she got a few of her neighbors to let us trick-or-treat at their houses during 2020. She is one of the kindest people I have ever met.” – Madison 6th grade

“Every time I was having trouble she would help me so much! She is honestly so nice. Another favorite experience was during COVID she set up this trick or treating event so we could go around her neighborhood and get candy and we got to see her. My favorite thing about her is teaching the best science during COVID.” – Riley 6th grade

“In 4th grade I was in photography classes with her and she was very patient and loved every photo that I took. She was very nice and fun.”-Jocelynne 5th grade

“When we did Photography Class together, she was really kind.” -Natalia 5th grade

“I do not know her very well, but I remember when taking the test to get into North Star, she was there to guide us through. She was very funny, and very nice. I love how Mrs. Sjolund is very fun.” – Hannah  5th grade


“My favorite experience was learning songs in 3rd grade with her and books with Puff the Dragon. My favorite thing about Mrs. Sjolund is that she is so kind and understanding.” –Victoria 6th grade


“My best experience was when Mrs. Sjolund would read us a story every week. She was very forgiving.” -Augie 6th grade


“My best experience with Mrs. Sjolund was when we did science experiments with her.  Even during at home learning she made things fun! My favorite thing about Mrs. Sjolund is her optimism.  Even during the hard times of at home learning Mrs. Sjolund always found the silver lining of things.”- Brandon 6th grade


“My favorite experience was doing Marcy cook in Mrs. Sjolund’s class or stories with Puff the Dragon. My favorite thing about Mrs. Sjolund was that she was kind.” –Adam 6th grade


“My best experience with Mrs. Sjolund was getting taught by her. She was my favorite teacher and she was very kind, thoughtful, and funny. My favorite thing about Mrs. Sjolund was Puff the Magic Dragon when they read stories.” –Max 6th grade


“My favorite experience with Mrs. Sjolund was that she was always so helpful and funny. I always enjoyed having you in science because you made me enjoy learning. How you were always helpful, kind and caring.” –Akira 6th grade


  “My favorite experience with her was trick or treating at her house for Halloween. My favorite thing about Mrs. Sjolund was how she’s so kind and understanding.” – Malwina 6th grade


“I liked when Mrs. Sjolund did an activity with us which was virtual Outdoor Ed.I like how she tried to make the year as fun as possible. Since it was virtual.” –Alexander 6th grade


“My best experience that I had with Ms. Sjolund was having her as a teacher. She made science fun and exciting! She was so nice and caring. She was an amazing 5th grade teacher!” –Cira 6th grade


“When Mrs. Sjolund was my teacher for 3rd and 5th grade. My favorite thing about Mrs. Sjolund is that she was a really nice person and she helped me when I needed it”. – Alicia 6th grade


“Reading with Puff her kindness and passion.” – Amelie 6th grade


“My best experience with Mrs. Sjolund was my 3rd grade year because everything was amazing and it was the perfect transition to North Star with all the poems and songs along with the amazing field trips. My favorite thing is her inclusivity.” – Clinton 6th grade


“I loved being in your 3rd and 5th grade class and you were always so nice to everyone and it was so fun. I love how you are the best teacher and you are caring towards everyone, so, thank you.” – Everett 6th grade


“It was so fun to be in your class for 2 YEARS!!! I really enjoyed my time with you and I will miss you so much. Thank you for being my favorite teacher ever! I loved how you always let Puff read us stories and you were always so nice and supportive.” – Kiefer 6th grade


“Photography enrichment. How kind and respectful she is.” – Gabrielle 5th grade


“The best experience I had with Mrs. Sjolund was on Halloween, when we could trick-or-treat at her house.  My favorite thing about Mrs. Sjolund is how fun and great of a teacher she is, and how she used to do Puff and read stories. “- Sophie 6th grade


“My best experience with Mrs. Sjolund is the whole school year with her as my teacher. My favorite thing about Mrs. Sjolund is that she is very kind and patient.” –Jill 6th grade


“I enjoyed when Mrs. Sjolund brought out Puff the Dragon for storytime. Mrs. Sjolund is very good at teaching, and she taught me a lot about math, and Science. – CJ 7th grade


“I loved when she would read to the class with Puff, the dragon, and her special voice for him. It was really fun and funny to listen to. I love that she is a really good teacher, and really cares about her students. – Sanah 7th grade

“I enjoyed sharing my Human Impact Research Project (in 5th grade) with the class and Mrs. Sjolund. I liked how she was stern, at the same time as accepting and forgiving. – Ihra 6th grade

“When“I loved doing those songs and poems every week. I also enjoyed going to the Saint Lucia celebration with Mrs. Sjolund. Mrs. Sjolund is the best teacher ever!! I send love!! “- Amy 6th grade


  “She came to my baseball games. Her positive attitude and the vibe she brings.” –Grant 6th grade

“The fun field trip through Redwood City where she taught us all about the history.She always made learning a good and fun experience.”- Toby 7th grade

“Singing songs in 5th grade, she was a fun teacher. She is a fun and funny teacher I will never forget, she was actually the first ever teacher I met at North Star.”- Ariana 7th grade

“I really loved it when she took us to the Barracuda Hockey game in 3rd grade. I had a blast and I thought it was super fun, even if I didn’t know too much about hockey. I loved that she always brought positive energy to our class, I really liked her because of that. “- Teddy 7th grade

“She took out puppets to make us laugh. Her personality.” – Aaron 8th grade

“I think the best experience I’ve had with Mrs. Sjolund was when she was my third grade teacher. My favorite thing about Mrs. Sjolund is that…..URMOM!!!  Jk, it’s her sense of humor, which was probably a lot of people’s favorite thing about her too ;).” – Natalie 6th grade

“She gave me the test to get into North Star, and I remember she was very kind, patient, and helpful. She was very nice.” – Wren 5th grade

“I had her for every day in distance learning, especially when she helped my sister and me with our science project for behavioral sciences. First place! Her enthusiasm, her persistence, her loving and caring personality was amazing.” – Malia 6th grade

“The one of the best experiences I had with Mrs. Sjolund was learning about F.A.I.L = First Attempt In Learning. She was great, encouraging to do your best and really fun teacher.” –Daniel 6th grade

“One experience I remember was in 3rd grade when I invited Mrs. Sjolund to my first musical, The Nifty Fifties, at my local church. I was very touched when she accepted the invitation as I thought she must already have her weekends planned out and wouldn’t be able to make it. So I was thrilled when she said she would love to come and watch the performance. I learned that Mrs. Sjolund is an avid fan of music and is also a great supporter of NSA’s musicals. In the three musicals I had a chance to perform in, she was always part of the audience, enjoying and applauding her students’ performance. Whenever I think of Mrs. Sjolund, the words caring and generous come to mind. She patiently ensures that the students understand the lessons. She is generous with her time, sharing it with her students for activities in and out of the classroom.” – Lizzy 7th grade

“Having ELA with Mrs. Sjolund in 5th grade. About how nice she is and how caring she is to her students.” – Connor 6th grade

“One of my favorite experiences I’ve had with Mrs. Sjolund was when our grade went on a Redwood City walk with her, and she taught us a lot about the city’s history. I learned a lot about Redwood City that I did not know before! Mrs. Sjolund made learning very fun and had a lot of fun projects for us in 5th grade science! “- Lily 7th grade

Monday, October 11th, there will be planted a tree in NSA in honor Mrs. Sjolund.