NSA Student Pets

Some people will like a a iguana!

NSA Student Pets

Avi, Reporter

If you could have any pet what would you have?  Students at North Star have many pets. Many different types of pets: Some large, some small, some loud, some quiet.  But here are the amounts of pets 48 interviewed people have: 29 Dogs, 5 Cats, 2 Rabbits,  3 Birds, 3 Guinea Pigs, 2 Rats, 3 Hamsters, and 18 others.

“I have 2 fish. There is a divider so it separates them ‘cause they keep eating each other. Like eating their tails”  said 5th grader-Dennis K. 

Many people are bored with COVID going on and might want a companion such as a dog or cat.. COVID has made many people get pets to comfort or help themselves. COVID has had a big effect on people getting pets and people wanting pets.

Nicholas K., a 4th grader, has allergies to guinea pig hay and he has a guinea pig!

“It’s not fun because I go to my sister’s room ‘cause that’s where my guinea pig is, and I can’t be in there for that long because my nose gets runny…”

Many North Star students want pets. Many different types of pets too. Some can be very random too: some pets people want are pets you would not see all the time, such as iguanas, turtles, and lizards! So here is the amount of pets people want; 13 Dogs, 9 Cats, 2 Rabbits, 0 Birds, 1 Guinea Pig, 0 Rats, 2 Hamsters, and 3 others.

“I just feel really bored without a dog. I could take it to a park and throw a ball and it would bring it back to me. I just feel a dog would make me feel a bit better,” said 4th grader Kyle B.

As you can see, there is a big variety of pets at North Star Academy. So many different pets.  So overall North Star is a school full of pets!

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