Mr. Haynes Brings a Fresh Approach to 6th Grade Math!

Mr. Haynes is a really loud teacher so everyone can hear him!

Mr. Haynes Brings a Fresh Approach  to 6th Grade Math!

Reese, Reporter

Who’s the new 6th grade math teacher? Mr. Haynes! Mr. Haynes came to North Star to replace Ms. Ban when she retired last year. He used to teach at Kennedy and says that this is the first time he’s taught 6th grade, “I normally teach 8th grade,” he says. 

Mr. Haynes’ students agree that he’s a great teacher. “He has a funny side to him,” says Piper N. She added that he has a loud and energetic personality. When you raise your hand, he has different hand signals for things like questions or comments “so you don’t disturb other people when they’re thinking,” says Brianna A. Mr. Haynes also explains math very well, “He makes sure that everybody can hear him,” says Nanea H. “It doesn’t really feel like school. He makes math fun.” 

           A typical math class starts with the introduction to the lesson. Mr. Haynes also says that his class “takes notes on a regular basis.” The class is a mix of independent and group work, but the majority is in groups. “We’ve done tests as groups,” says Piper N. Later in the year they might do some computer-based programs. 

           Mr. Haynes’ enrichment class is Tech 101. Currently in the class, the students are doing In the second half they might do Scratch, robotics, or possibly some 3D printing. Mr. Haynes said that he used to teach a year-long class, so it’s difficult to squeeze all that material into one trimester.

          “I always liked math,” says Mr. Haynes. He’s liked math since 2nd or 3rd grade, which is why he wanted to teach a math class. He chose Tech 101 as his enrichment because for the last four years “[he’s] been teaching a technology class.” He also added that his undergraduate in college was engineering, so he has lots of experience with the subject. 

Mr. Haynes loves teaching, saying that he likes helping people learn. “I like being of service and I love education,” he says. Teaching is a perfect combination for him. He says that the year is going well since he has some good students this year and he noticed that all Redwood City students are helpful to each other. He says, “I really like my 6th grade team.”

Mr. Haynes is a wonderful teacher, and North Star is very lucky to have him here!