Mrs. Pinto and Ms. Minor Switch Places!

Switching Places!


Jackie and Wesley

Recently Ms. Pinto switched roles with Ms. Minor! Mrs. Pinto was teaching 6th grade for twenty years but now she’s switched places and moved to 4th grade.  Ms. Minor, who taught 4th grade for 3 years, moved downstairs to teach 6th grade. But why did they  switch places?  Did they not like the grade they were teaching? Find out why and how things are going.

   Mrs. Pinto can sometimes be strict but that doesn’t mean she’s disagreeable, it just means she cares about her students’ learning. We asked what made her want to switch and she answered, “ I wanted to try something new.”

Ms. Minor is a 6th grade teacher now.  When she was asked what she thinks about teaching the older students she said, “The bigger kids are, well – bigger.”

Kids seem to enjoy Mrs. Pinto as a teacher. “ I like how she is understanding and puts the kids that are doing the wrong things in their place,” said 4th grader Mia K.  

All the 4th grade teachers are very clear with instructions, but Ms. Pinto is the most rigorous. 4th grader Ben K said, “Mrs. Pinto is very thorough with her instructions.”

         Ms. Minor is also an amazing teacher.  She has a love  of ancient civilizations which fits in perfectly with 6th grade.  She says she switched because, “Ms. Shackle made us switch, but we both wanted to.”

One 6th grader who was in both Ms. Minor’s 4th and 6th grade classes said Ms. Minor hasn’t changed a lot except for dying her hair blue. 

Some students think Ms. Minor has become more strict.  Julia, a 6th grader, said Ms. Minor is, “Harder on the older students.”  

“I think over the pandemic Ms. Minor got stricter because there are a lot more rules in place, ” said Mira, another 6th grader.

So far, by all accounts, things are going well.  It seems they each landed in just the right place!


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