NSA Has many Options for Lunch Time Fun!

So much clubs!

NSA Has many Options for Lunch Time Fun!

Jasmine and Ava

Are you ever curious about the clubs that happen during lunch ? This article talks about Art club, Book Club, and Lego Club. These clubs all happen during lunch time and are fun, interactive clubs that can help you be creative and make new friends. 

First, here is some information about the Lego Club. The teacher who teaches the Lego Club is Ms. Kristi. Ms. Kristi says she chose to make the Lego Club, “Just to give students an opportunity to make friends and have fun.” Ms. Kristi says during Lego Club, “You can work together and by yourself to make anything you like.” It seems if you like to make things and you like legos, this club is for you!

Many students enjoy the fact that there is both a Middle School and an Elementary Art club and Book Club. This means that all grades can have an art club and a book club. 

The Elementary Book Club is taught by Mrs. Sitte and Mrs. Snyder at 12:10pm in Room 142. The Middle School book club is taught by Mrs. Sitte and Ms. Fadel at 12:35 in room 109. The 3rd/4th grade art club is taught by Mrs. Sitte at 12:10 in room 102. The 5th grade art club is at 12:35. The middle school art club is taught by Mrs. Sitte at 12:35 in room 102. To see the days that the art club and book club are happening on, look at the photo next to this article. 

Mrs. Sitte, who teaches the majority of the lunch clubs, says that she chose to teach the lunch clubs because, “I want to help kids find their people. I also think it’s good for  the kids to have some place to relax and unwind during the day.“  

Hannah S, a 4th grader, says she likes the Elementary Book Club because, Mrs. Sitte reads picture books to us.” Cira F says that during art club, “We talked about the books and now are going to make a google form about books that you recommend for people.” Shira FK says that during book club they “read books and have lunch. There is a book of the month and you read it.“

Shira F also said that she joined the middle school book club because “I like books.” Katherine M, an 8th grader, said something similar. Katherine M. says that she likes art club because “we do art”. Many students purely enjoy the art club or book club because they like art or books.

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