North Star Grapples with the Substitute Shortage

It is really hard to find a sub these days!

North Star Grapples with the Substitute Shortage

Elizabeth and Ava

You may know that there is currently a substitute shortage in the Redwood City School district. Not many substitutes are willing to sub because of Covid-19 and other reasons. North Star relies on subs now more than ever. 

“I think there aren’t a lot of subs because people weren’t subbing last year because it was virtual and they found other jobs. This has been a problem before but not this bad,” said Ms. Shackel, the principal of NSA

Right now, the school needs a 5th grade science teacher.  The students were looking forward to having Ms. Sjolund as their science teacher this year, but sadly, she passed away.  Instead, the 5th grade has been having a new sub almost every week. Many don’t enjoy this process but recently they found Mrs. Aguillera, a great sub, and they are all hoping she will be able to stay throughout the school year.

Having all these different substitutes has been difficult for the 5th graders. One 5th grader, Tommy O, said, I think it’s hard cause we want a full time teacher.” 

However, the kids are enjoying their current substitute. “She is nice. She acts nice to us and she doesnt yell,” said 5th grader Santiago H.

The current 5th grade science sub, Mrs. Aguillera, who many hope will be here for the rest of the year, said she was happy to come to North Star. “I chose North Star because as soon as I came, the staff was warm and welcoming.” She also said she thinks North Star is a great school. “It’s a great learning environment. The kids are always caught up in their work.” 

Mrs. Aguillera is not only teaching 5th graders but also students who are in the Study Hall enrichment. Millie L, an 8th grader in the Study Hall enrichment, said Mrs. Agullera is much better than the previous subs.

Many students in that class think that Mrs. Aguilera is very nice.“I like how she would always be nice to us. I really like her fail thing where she always said you are great and other teachers would yell at us,” said Asher V, a 6th grader. 7th grader 

Kimberly A says she is a really great teacher. “She is really nice. She is funny too and I really like having her as a teacher.

Other grades and classes are also struggling with the sub shortage. Although all the classes have a permanent teacher except for 5th grade Science, the school often has a hard time finding subs for when a teacher is out. They usually have to take Mr. Cagle or the Vice Principal, Mrs. Noriega, if they don’t have any subs.