Mrs. Kristi

Our New Counselor!

Mrs. Kristi

Brianna and Piper

Did You know that we had a new counselor named Mrs. Kristi for this new school year? She will be the new addition to the North Star Academy family. We definitely needed a new counselor for students to open up about the things that were bothering them during this hard time that all of us are going through. 

Mrs. Kristi is not really new to North Star.  She has been here off an on in various capacities , like being a sub, for around 10 years. She said that growing up she never really got the chance to talk about her feelings at home. She didn’t want other people to have the same experience so she wanted to become a counselor. At the school she used to work at she was known as the “friends and feelings teacher”. Mrs. Kristi is a lovable and amazing counselor.

Mrs. Sitte, said for a long time she has wanted another counselor here, but didn’t think it was a possibility. She was amazed that North Star could finally get her another partner. “Mrs. Kristi is a very sunny, and  positive person” she said, and added that Ms. Kristi is“…amazing, and she is a very knowledgeable person”. Mrs. Sitte feels that Mrs. Kristi can help students have more support that they need when she isn’t around.

Mrs. Shackel really loves Mrs. Kristie, she thinks she is wonderful. “She fit so many of the boxes that I wanted in our new counselor,” says Mrs. Shackel. North Star never needed 2 counselors until we had the pandemic.  Now we have many students need to share what they are feeling and if Mrs. Sitte was busy, who would they go to? — Mrs. Kristi!

Many of the staff members, and students at NSA love Mrs. Kristi. North Star has been needing a new counselor and we finally have a lovely and nice counselor.