Orchestra and Band

During Physical Education!

Orchestra and Band

Elizabeth and Jasmine

If you walk up the “magical staircase” you will come to the music room! According to the music teacher, the students who are part of orchestra, strings or band have their own “magical staircase” that leads to the music room where orchestra practices on Wednesday. Orchestra is for students who are playing instruments with strings. For example, the violin or cello. The band is for students who play instruments that need blowing. For example, the flute or the trombone. But they both learn to play beautiful music!

If you are part of the Strings you could play the violin, viola, or cello. Kate plays the violin and she says, “I like that even though we are in a large group the teacher really focuses on each person. Since the school year has not been very long yet we have not learned much but we have learned notes and some short songs so far.” When asked if she would enjoy playing in band if she had to, she said, “I probably would because I just like to play music.” 

Because Strings doesn’t require you to take off your mask to blow into something, they are allowed to have one of their music classes every week inside the music room.  The Orchestra meets every Thursday, during the first half of P.E. and on Wednesday, 30 minutes after school. The music room is by the cafeteria, up the “magical stairs” (according to the music teacher). The music teacher has an interesting way of teaching, according to some of her students. One of her students said, “To teach students how to hold their instrument, she teaches the “Circle of Life” which she says helps them learn to hold their instruments.”

Band plays on Tuesday From 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and Thursday from 3:00 p.m to 3:30 p.m. Sometimes they play in the music building and other times outside by the picnic benches. 

Juan P. from 8th grade who plays the trumpet in band says, “The teacher tells you how to play notes on instruments and complex songs.” He also agrees with Kate when saying he would also enjoy being in orchestra because, “It would be the same as the band.”

Now you know the likes and dislikes of band and orchestra and what they are like. Maybe you want to try out for one now and maybe, just maybe, you will become a world famous musician!