NSA Students Help Conserve Water During the Current Crisis

Save Water at NSA

NSA Students Help Conserve Water During the Current Crisis

Nicholas, Ethan, Dennis, and Avi

The water shortage is not a pleasant thing at all. It takes water away from us all. So far, Californa has had the driest year in about a century! This drought started in October 2020 and it ended with the torrential rains in late October of this year. Water shortage can affect the whole state.

Jocelynne R., said  “We don’t always get the veggies or fruit we want and the prices are going up because of the water shortage.” 

California Governor, Gavin Newsom, called for everyone to try to reduce water usage by 15%. Water usage decreased by 18% in August in the North Coast region and nearly 10% in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“We give my dog any extra water we don’t need.” says Adela H. from 5th grade.

In San Jose, less than half the usual rain has fallen in 2021. It has only received about 5 inches of rain from July 1 to June 30. People have been asked to reduce the amount of water they use by 15%.

“This water shortage is bad,” says Simon P. from 4th grade. “It is like this every year so California should be prepared for this by having (more) reservoirs.”

Vice principal Mrs. Noriega said she doesn’t know of a particular water conservation  effort at school, but added that the water sensors in the bathrooms are a problem because once the faucets turn on, you can’t turn them off and that wastes water.  She said they are trying to fix it. She also said that due to the water shortage the lawn is only watered once a week and it’s not really enough.  You can see that the grass is starting to turn brown.  

About 700 million people suffer from the water shortage, and another 785 million people don’t have access to standard water services. More than three quarters of a million people don’t have clean water to drink. Scholars at North Star are conserving water by taking shorter showers. That is the most common way of conserving water, according to a recent Gryphon Gazette survey about the water shortage. Other scholars reuse water bottles. Here is Mohammed 

“We reuse the same water bottles for drinking instead of having to get new ones.” says Mohammed S. in 4th grade. 

Nicholas L. in 5th grade says he takes five minute showers. 

According to the survey, most people at NSA shower for around 5 – 15 minutes. This is a good short amount to shower for. According to the Centers for Disease Control, a normal American showers for about 15 minutes. If you hang around longer in the shower, you might want to think about your shortening hygiene routine!  

Ellie G. in 4th grade says she showers for around 8 minutes; her family saves water by shortening the time in shower by a half. She wants to say that her family is lucky to have water because some don’t.

Megan O. in 5th grade says she showers for 3 minutes and her family saves water by not using a lot of water for their lawn.

Kyan C. in 5th grade says he showers for 5 minutes. His family saves water by not using water unnecessarily and wants to say that people should save water.

Water shortages can be caused by climate change, such as different weather patterns.

The water shortage is big and must be fixed or else people could die from dehydration,” says Adrian S. in 5th grade. “The water shortage is just an effect of climate change because there is too much pollution.”  He added that  his family saves water by turning it off when they are washing hands with soap.

Wildlife biologists have been saying for years that California’s fish populations have been sacrificed for good enough water supplies for farms and cities.

Avery H. in 5th grade thinks that water shortage is bad for the Earth. She says she showers for 5 minutes and her family saves water by taking shorter showers, using solar power to power their house and turning on the sprinklers less.

While these actions seem small individually it adds up to a lof of water being saved.