Outdoor Ed Field Trip!


Daniel, Reporter

When people think of a class field trip the thought of lectures and slow walks might come to mind. However at Outdoor Ed, staying nights with friends and going on night hikes certainly stir up fun. Even though the pandemic has affected the field trip most of it has remained the same. Unlike some overnight field trips Outdoor Ed’s food is delectable and even has vegetarian options. 

About 5,500 San Mateo County students come to Outdoor Ed every year along with many cabin leaders and teachers. Last year, because of COVID-19 the 5th graders missed their Outdoor Education field trip, and because of that this year, they went as 6th graders to Outdoor Ed. 

Students have their opinions about Outdoor Ed. One student said, “ I very much disliked our restrictions of normal things such as shower time, we had to take two minute showers which wasn’t so bad except our cabin leader didn’t let us because apparently too many people took showers already.” Catherine also adds, “There was a lot more hiking than I enjoyed, and there were so many people there was rarely enough food to be full.” 

However, students also enjoyed many things about Outdoor Ed. One student said, “Beach day was by far the best day and the Thanksgiving dinner was one of the best meals.” Other students said, “The skits we watched performed by other students and performing one ourselves is really etched into my brain.” There was something fun for everyone. Again Beach day had a lot of people’s highlights and all the activities were excellent. 

Emma H. said she liked the food at Outdoor Ed, but not the fact that most of the time, it’s very cold. The food at Outdoor Ed had much variety. For example, they served turkey, sandwiches, tomato soup and much more.

The students were divided into cabin groups which did everything together. The cabin groups all had very creative names such as Maple, Fir, Redwood, Scrub Jay, Banana Slug, and Quail. Some of the cabins were from different schools.


There were several main events that happened during the first 3 nights. It was the Sea Odyssey, Earth Dance, and the Night Hike. Thursday night there was a campfire and each cabin presented a skit. 

In the morning if yesterday the cabin did the Sea Odyssey the cabin went to the beach and did different fun activities there. Some of the other morning activities were different kinds of hikes, and going to the garden next to Camp Jones Gulch which had very cute chickens. Steller’s Jay cabin even found a Pacific Gaint Salamander on one of the hikes!

Apple Time was at 3:15 PM. At that time students ate an apple or another fruit, and could also eat craisins. This was a little break between hikes and other activities. The naturalists had many very interactive activities such as laying down next to a tree and singing songs. 

On Thursday, everyone even put on a skit! One student from the Fir cabin said, “Yeah, most of them were very funny.” Skits needed to be no longer 5 minutes. North Star Skits were, “The Rescue,” by the Steller’s Jay cabin. In which the naturalist and some of the students got lost in the forest, and the cabin leader and some other students are looking for them. 

Another skit was “Candy In the Cabin”, by Fir where a camper left candy in her bed and animals came into the cabin. A skit that most people we asked favored was the “Stkitception,” by the Egrets in which the skit was based on providing ideas for the skit and doing them, some of them being really funny. “The Outdoor Ed Mystery” by Live Oak, was a news report about someone who stepped on a banana slug. Suspects were interviewed and the detective came to a conclusion that two people stepped on it on their way to breakfast and they were arrested by the “police”. Lastly, the Maple cabin made a skit called, “The sides of Tide,” in which the students showed different sides(moods) of Tide the naturalist.

Some of the students did not go to Outdoor Ed. Jonah said, “I wish I could eat the food. I was in Ms. Fadel’s class doing work, it was awkward on the first day.” 

Another student who didn’t get to go was Piper. She said, “I wish I could have gone because everyone in my family said it was a fun experience to do. The night hike or any of the hikes were supposed to be fun, I wish I could have done them. I was sick so there wasn’t anything I could do.” 

Another student said, “I thought it was really boring because we had no friends to play with. They just gave a lot of work.” Thibault said about staying at school, “I guess it was fine, it was a bit boring. I just did school work with four other people. That’s it.

Many students had qualms about their cabin leaders. One student said he hated the cabin leader who seemed bitter.  Julia V. said, “I very much disliked our restrictions of normal things such as shower time, we had to take two minute showers which wasn’t so bad except our cabin leader didn’t let us because apparently too many people took showers already.”