Learning More About the Diversity of NSA

¡Hola! Привет! !سلام Ciao!


Daniel, Reporter

There are many kinds of cultures, and students from other countries in our school! Some of them come from really close countries such as Mexico while others come from countries thousands of miles away. People come from countries such as China, Japan, Israel, Korea, Russia, Belarussia, Canada, Spain, Argentina, and Mexico. Some of these people know the language of their country, while others spent a very short time in the country or only their parents came from there. 


Cameron from 5th grade, was born in Iran, and said that his name means truth, or law and order. One of the dishes he eats from Iran is Gorma Zabzi which is an Iranian herb stew. Cameron says it is, “a stake and rice dish. Made out of rice with beef kaban, a traditional dish of Iran.” He is currently learning Persian at home, and can already understand a bit.

There will be a cultural festival called, Celebration of Cultures, on Thursday, April 28 at North Star, and according to Ms. Shackel, “It will be an evening where people from around the school will host booths with foods, crafts, activities, and information about different cultures that are celebrated by families at North Star. People will have the opportunity to fill out a “passport” of activities to “travel” around the world. Our hope is that students will learn about the different cultures around the world, and have a better understanding about different ways that families around the world do things. Everyone is welcome!”

There are some students in our school from Mexico or another Spanish speaking country. One student who comes from Mexico is Camila, who was born there and one of the dishes from Mexico that she likes to eat is Ceviche which is a fish that can be served with cucumbers or tomatoes, sliced into little cubes. Another student from Mexico is Kenny, a 4th grader. He speaks fluently in Spanish and can read a bit.

Another country where Spanish is the main language, is Argentina, where 4th grader, Simon was born. His favorite dish is empanadas which is a baked/fried pastry with a filling of beef or curbed eggs, and being in a crescent shape.

One area that many students come from is eastern Asia. Augie’s mom comes from Singapore, and he said that, “Our family used to go there every summer before Covid.”

Some students are from east Asia.  Ethan’s dad is from Taiwan, and his mom is from South Korea. He can speak Chinese fluently, (which is the spoken language in Taiwan) but can’t write or read it. Ethan eats many seafood dishes common in Taiwan and Korea such as Hî-ôan which are tamsui fish balls consisting of fish paste filled with marinated pork and garlic.

Steffan’s parents come from South Korea. Steffan eats many of the dishes from South Korea. “I eat Galbi, Bibimbap, Jjajangmyeon Noodles, rice cake, spicy rice cake to be exact.” Galbi is grilled ribs, usually beef. If other kinds of meat are used such as pork, then it is called Pork Galbi or Lamb Galbi. Bibimbap is a rice dish, served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with different kinds of toppings, such as soy sauce and others. Jjajangmyeon Noodles is a noodle dish with a thick sauce made of chunjang, cubed pork, and vegetables.

Hugo’s parents are from Japan, and he knows a bit of Japanese. The dishes he likes to eat are, “Sushi, Dango which is rice flower and water, that looks like a big colored ball of rice with sugar, and Mochi which is the same thing as Dango but with something inside.”

Some of the students from Europe and western Asia, including Nickita, Poppy, and David. Nickita says that some of the foods he eats that are Belarussian (he is Belarussian) are Borscht which is made out of different ingredients (not always all of them) such as beetroot which makes the red color, potatoes, carrot, cabbage, tomato, beef, onion, or/and garlic. And usually you add some sour cream to add taste. Also, Kotleti which are technically meatballs, but a little flat. (See picture on the bottom right.)They are made out of ground meat, eggs, mayonnaise, soaked bread, milk, and a bit of salt and pepper.

Clearly we can see that North Star is a truly multicultural school.