Blocksi, Spytech or Harmless Software?

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Ethan and Will

Some students grumble that having someone monitor their computer use at school is not fair. Some don’t mind it. Most teachers are grateful they have a way to keep tabs on what their students are doing. There are a wide array of opinions on Blocksi, the software the district uses to monitor what students are doing.
Blocksi is an app that lets teachers see students’ tabs, windows, and what they are currently on. During the pandemic students pretty much had free rein with their chrome books.NSA has been using Blocksi kids have been going wild. Teachers also have strong opinions about it. Kids, though, get very tense and careful and sometimes not work on assignments at all.
Many kids think that Blocksi is illegal. But it’s not. “Because students are minors (under the age of 21) we have a responsibility to monitor what they are doing,” said Mrs. Snyder, 5th grade teacher.
Besides, NSA won’t use illegal things, said Ms. Suresh, the 8th grade science teacher. “Blocksi is legal because the school uses it. It also helps with concentration problems.”
Blocksi was put into use last school year. Unfortunately, teachers think it is boring to be the “internet police”. Kids also agree that being monitored 24/7 is stressful.
Many teachers think it is a necessary option. “I guess it is a necessary option,” says Mr. Robinson, teacher of 4th grade Math. “But being the internet police is boring.”
4th grader, Hayes H. says, “I hate it, and I think it gives teachers too much power.” Many other kids agree with this, of course, but most teachers love it and use it.
Wyatt, a 4th grader, adds that, “It is the single worst thing ever!” Which is what most kids say.
However, kids have varying opinions. It shows because Nick K. said that it helps teachers but he also would like to monitor teachers’ screens.
Luca D. in 4th grade said that Blocksi is reasonable, but shouldn’t be used constantly. He states, “I can see why it is used, but it shouldn’t be used all the time.”
People have a lot of opinions about Blocksi on how it should be used and not used. But, since North Star uses it, kids really don’t have any choice.