Opinions on School Spirit

The next spirit day will be May 4, the spirit idea is May the force be with you!

Opinions on School Spirit

Reese, Reporter

Spirit Days–a widely enjoyed feature of North Star where students can go wild with their outfits! These themed days are loved by many North Star students (and teachers, too). Throughout this school year, NSA has had a variety of fun days, from Disco Day to Decades Day. “I participate every single Spirit Day,” said 7th grader Audrey C. 

At the beginning of the year, it’s a huge undertaking to choose the extensive list of Spirit Days. “Essentially we researched and brainstormed a really, really big list and voted on 2 per month,” said 7th grader Nikhil N, the student council secretary. When school began, he and his team found, kept, and cut out many options for Spirit Days. “I think one we had previously was tie-dye day,” Nikhil said. “A few students weren’t really happy with that.” 

They also kept in mind the difficulty of the theme. For example, they considered Harry Potter Day, but eventually decided against it. “We were worried some students wouldn’t be able to dress up,” said Nikhil. 

Students so far have been pretty happy with the list. “Spirit Days are really fun,” said Makenzie from 4th grade. “I really liked pajama day. If it’s cold, it’ll keep you warm.” Of course, there are always suggestions. Camila V. from 7th grade would like “ones that have options, like staying in or going out.” She was thinking the students and teachers could choose between something casual, like pajamas, or formal clothing, such as a suit or dress. 

       Spirit Days aren’t just fun. “I like the camaraderie,” said Mr. Havey. “I like the opportunity to showcase the unconventional styles.” Audrey C. agrees, saying, “It can bring the class together.” The unusual themes and outfits can help everyone bond together. 

       This year, the Spirit Day list featured a new theme: Disability Awareness Day. Each grade was assigned a certain disability and a color to wear to represent and support it. But did this day truly raise awareness? Mr. Havey said, “Only because our wonderful president Savannah took the opportunity to reach out to the classes. If she didn’t go around and tell  them about the disabilities, I’d say no.” The new mural at the front of the school and the pamphlets handed around on Disability Awareness Day are clear demonstrations of that effort. 4th grader Mackenzie enjoyed Disability Awareness Day. “They try to tell people what it is,” she said, “They’re supporting people.” 

Spirit Days in general are widely liked. Austen from 4th grade said, “[They] keep kids excited for the school day.” Even the teachers enjoy and dress up for Spirit Days. “I participate in all of them,” said Mr. Havey. “I don’t like…when there’s not a lot of participation.” He said his favorite was “Twin Day because Mr. Robinson and I like to twin together.” 

The high number of Spirit Days is nice to have. “I didn’t like when there were so little, if you missed one, it was the end of the world and your class wouldn’t win,” said Audrey C. More days means more opportunities to help your class and have fun. 

Spirit Days are an important, interesting part of the week. Makenzie said about her class, “They really love the Spirit Days!”