Mr. Robinson’s Retirement

“I will miss his happy face.”

Mr. Robinsons Retirement

Riley and Nevaeh

We have had many teachers come and go at NSA. The fourth grade math teacher Mr. Robinson will be retiring at the end of this school year. He will be spending some more time with his family during his retirement.

He will be remembered for many things. Josie from sixth grade said “ I don’t want him to retire because he is Santa.” Josie said that one of her favorite memories with Mr. Robinson was, “When he used to get on the tables and scream at everyone with his hulk mask on.” Josie said one thing she remembers Mr. Robinson taught us, “how to divide decimals.”

One of his current students, Wesley, in fourth grade said “I really liked the first day of school when he pulled out the hulk mask and said if he got mad he would put it on. ”

One of his coworkers Mr. Havey said “ I have mixed emotions. I am really excited for him and his future and I’m excited about him being able to do new activities and he will also have time to spend time with his family which is most important. However selfishly for me I’m really sad to lose one of my best friends at North Star.” He also said, “He and I were fourth grade teachers together when I first started at North Star.”

“There are so many memories it’s hard to choose just one, one memory in particular I can think of is our gold rush trip, Mr. Robinson and I shared a cabin at the gold rush and we stayed up late talking into the hours of the night and we woke up early and drank our coffee near the river side. It’s the little moments that I’ll remember most about Mr. robinson.” said Mr. Havey.

Our principal Ms. Shakel said “I have mixed feelings. I am sad because I will miss his happy face. “But I am excited for him to do some cool things in his life.” She also said “I think my favorite memory of him is seeing him having fun with the scholars doing math.”
Mr. Robinson said “ My favorite memory of teaching was the very first science class I taught at NSA, the lesson said it was going to take 15 minutes but normally with the students it would take 50 minutes but my wonderful fourth graders covered the entire lesson and didn’t have any questions and understood all the concepts so I said to myself, you aren’t in kansas anymore you need a plan b. So I realized I was at a different school and I needed a back up plan on what to teach them next.”
When asked what advice he would give to new teachers, his response was, “The first year for most teachers can be very challenging. But for almost all teachers the second year is pretty easy. So don’t give up if your heart says you want to teach, don’t give up. ”

We wish Mr. Robinson the best!
Mr. Robinson will be missed