High School- Excitement or Apprehension?

Good luck future 9th graders!

High School- Excitement or Apprehension?

Wren and Vida

8th graders are the oldest and some of the wisest students at North Star, so here is what they have to say about their school experiences. Whether it is high school, looking back on school memories, advising young learners, or reflecting on staff encounters, these 8th graders have so many things to say to younger students. If you are looking for guidance through the school year, or simply came across it, you have come to the right place.

Several 8th graders believe that the key to being a good, attentive student is to not procrastinate doing your work. What that means is  not delaying doing your work.

“Don’t procrastinate, try and do your work as early as you can. Assign yourself one day a week in which you don’t do any homework, trust me, your mental health will thank you!” says Judea R, an 8th grader who has been at North Star for 4 years. 

Not only does homework efficiency and anti-procrastination play an important role in being a successful student, but taking care of yourself, participating in class, and even making mistakes proves to be helpful as well. “I recommend participating in discussions, as it will help you retain information about the topic and engage you – or at the very least, move things faster instead of just sitting, waiting for someone to answer.” Samantha K suggests. “Even if you are wrong, you can still get things out of it,” she continues.  With having from 1 to 6 years of experience at North Star,  these 8th graders know what they are doing. Also, having a calm mind from meditation, or other self care methods can help to think more clearly and focus in class. 

According to a Gryphon Gazette survey, 83% of 8th grade students love the school environment. However, they would not recommend it to everyone.


I am a latina student and there really weren’t many latinos I could relate to when I first came to North Star. I feel like after a while I felt that I began to be more accepted, and now I have a lot of friends but I feel like not everybody may feel as welcomed at North Star.” Kathy M shares. Kathy has been at North Star for 6 years.

School is a place where so many memories are made, whether they are in a classroom or on a field trip. “My favorite memory at North Star was when we had the family fun night a few years ago,” Kathy M remarks.

 A little over half the 8th graders at North Star said their favorite memories were school field trips. “I think that my favorite memory at North Star was going on Outdoor Ed. I got to meet new people from other schools that may have shared a cabin with me,” said  Elijah A, also a 6-year NSA student. 

While some students favored big school events, others preferred smaller and simpler moments. “My favorite memories I have at NSA are the little bonding moments we have. For example, a shared dislike for a book, the chaotic discussions we have in classes, inside jokes, and some of the more creative group projects.” Samantha K adds.

Part of what makes NSA such an appealing school is the supportive staff and wonderful people. “I feel that the staff at NSA has encouraged and supported me in my years here. All the teachers are wonderful people, and they’ve led me to where I am today.” Martin O remarks. 

Going to highschool can inflict a mix of emotions, like fear, excitement, or exhaustion. Roughly three-quarters of 8th graders said they would miss North Star after they graduated. “I am excited to go to high school, though I am a bit nervous and feel a little sad to know that I will have less chances to be with my friends from North Star,” Bowen Y comments. 

North Star’s 8th graders have a wide array of feelings about the staff, advice for younger students, going to high school, and more. To the North Star classes of 2031-2027, take this advice from the wise 8th graders.