Books Galore

“A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men.” – Roald Dahl

Books Galore

Ayla and Shakthi

The North Star library is a valuable resource that many students go to both for school assignments and at-home reading. North Star students enjoy the variety of books and the relaxing atmosphere of the library, and teachers use the library to help their students on research assignments. 

     “I like that the library is nice and big and that there are many different varieties of books,” said Emma H. in 6th grade. Sienna C. added that she liked the many different genres of books the library has to offer.

     Different students had different favorite genres of books that are found at the library. “I like fiction because almost anything can happen in those books, as they don’t have to be real.” said Elizabeth M. 

     Ellie G. in 4th grade said that she liked “Comedy books because they’re funny and I like to have a good laugh.” Brandon N. said that he liked realistic fiction because it was realistic, but most of the time it was funny. 

     The librarian for the McKinley/North Star library is Mrs. Torreano. She originally was at the NSA library from February to June 2013, and then went to Henry Ford for six years. She came back to the North Star library in December 2019. “I love how big the library is. It gives lots of reading options for students,” said Mrs. Torreano, “Students can visit (the library) with their classes, and they can come during book exchange on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a pass from the front office.” The book exchange is when students can check out new books from the library for two weeks, return library books, and renew library books for another two weeks. 

     Mrs. Pinto, a 4th grade teacher, said that her students use the library for “independent reading, books for research, and Mrs. T. does talks on different genres.” For fourth graders, she recommends the Little House series, the book Matilda by Roald Dahl, and A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. 

     Different students also liked different books that they had gotten from the library. Zoe S. said that she liked the Royal Diaries series by many different authors. Another girl added that she liked to read cooking books with her mom when she was in 3rd grade. 

     Mrs. Minor, a 6th grade teacher, said her favorite book was The Iliad by Homer. She also explained that the library was useful “when we studied California history, and students had a reading list and had to get certain books.” 

     The McKinley/North Star library was remodeled on June 27, 2017 by the Abbvie foundation and the Heart Of America foundation. The nonfiction books are organized separately from the fiction books, and nonfiction is organized by the dewey decimal system.  

     Mrs. Torreano has many book recommendations. She recommends the fantasy series Nevermore by Kelly Creagh, the mystery series Serafina by Robert Beatty, the Chasing Vermeer mystery series by Blue Balliett, the Last Kids on Earth series, and the Christmas series by Matt Haig. Mrs. Torreano said she liked this series because “It’s an interesting read and talks about different holiday characters.” 

     The North Star/McKinley Library helps students find the books they want to read, and the books they need to read for research. As Sienna C. said, “The librarian is very friendly and there are many different genres of books, and it is chill.”