Dancing Underneath the Stars

Dancing Underneath the Stars

Reese, Reporter

A night of dancing, friends, and music sounds like a perfect time! Students in grades 6 through 8 experienced all that and more at the Middle School Dance on May 6th. The upbeat songs, colorful lights, and decorations all contributed to the fun evening. Ava, an 8th grader, said, “I did [enjoy it], very much. My friends told me I sang louder than the music.” 

Planning an event like the dance required lots of work from the Student Council. Vice President Ethan C. said, “I started out thinking where would it be, and talking to Savannah.” Savannah Smith, the Student Council President, has worked on other dances before. “We kind of measured everything, [decided] what decorations we would want to purchase…” Ethan said. At the dance, the gym was covered with golden star-shaped lights, streamers, and balloons, and had gold and silver stars taped to the walls and doors. 

There were many variables to consider, like ticket prices and snacks. The price was based on past events, and also what would be an easy, even price. For example, $10 is much easier to pay than $13. The tickets were also relatively cheap. “It was reasonable,” said 8th grader Aaron.

Ethan said tickets were more expensive at the door because “we want people to buy them before, get ready…[and] it’s easier for us.” The snacks they sold were pizza, chips, cookies, candy, and water. “We didn’t want it to be too much,” said Ethan.  

To decide the theme, Ethan said, “The choices were Sky Full of Stars and Hollywood. We asked our WE enrichment last trimester, we voted, Sky Full of Stars had the majority vote. It’s something super fun, calm, I would say majestic…different from what we’d done in the past.” 

Other students have different thoughts. Ava said, “I thought it was a little odd; Spring Fling would’ve been more appropriate.”  

“I think it’s a cool theme,” said 7th grader Anna L. “It’s a little generic though; everyone does Sky Full of Stars.” 

Two anonymous students said that it should be a little more inclusive. “The only color that matches is blue and white and black. It’s an interesting theme.” 

7th grader Camila V. contributed some alternative ideas. “Red carpet, dress up full glam,” she said. “Or awards show–for the 8th graders.”

In fact, something celebrating the NSA 8th graders might have been welcome. Aaron said he went because “it’s my last dance at NSA.” 

That wasn’t the case for everyone. Camila V. said that she went “just to hang out with friends.” However, she added that normally, “Nobody really dances, everyone just stands listening to the music.” 

But this time, that didn’t seem to be true. Many students were out in the center of the gym, having fun bouncing balloons and dancing to the music, which was so loud it could be heard through the walls! In addition to that, there was a long line for the photo booth set up in the corner that printed out strips of three pictures. It looked like everyone was enjoying themselves.

“It was fun because I got to hang out with my friends,” said Camila V. “I would go again!”