Field Trip Likes and Dislikes

There are many multiple day field trips such as Gold Rush, Outdoor Ed, Yosemite, and Washington DC

Field Trip Likes and Dislikes

Elizabeth K, Maddie, and Avery

Field trips have been a main part of all school for many years at North Star. “It was a fun trip where I was able to connect with my classmates,” says 8th grader Bowen Y. He went on the Gold Rush trip in 4th grade and he enjoyed it a lot.

Fourth grade used to have more field trips including the San Juan Capistrano Mission, Adobe Sanches, and everyone’s favorite, the Gold Rush! ”Over many years students compared Yosemite and Outdoor E.D. to the Gold Rush and older students have reported that they liked the Gold Rush the best,”  says 4th grade teacher Mr. Robinson. 

Recently very few field trips have been able to happen due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many students and teachers have felt very sad that there have been no field trips in over two years. Students in fourth grade recently went on their first field trip at North Star. 

Those that did happen were exciting and fun. “ We were able to do a lot of fun activities while learning,” continues 8th grader Bowen Y. Many of the field trips that happened were the San Mateo History Museum, Gold Rush, Outdoor Ed, and many more.

Many students have been sad that field trips have been canceled.  “I feel like I am missing out,” says 4th grader Abigail L. Most students feel this way. But, others are okay with field trips being canceled because that means more time in school to learn. 

Teachers have favorite field trips too!  “I love field trips,” says 5th grade teacher Mrs. Snyder. She loved the history museum in 3rd grade as well as the Deer Hollow Farms. At the farm they learned about the Ohlone tribe during a hike. The Miwok Indian history field trip and the Gold Rush were other favorites. In 5th grade favorites were the Symphony and Outdoor Ed. Mrs. Snyder also thought the Yosemite field trip sounds fun.

  Mr. Cagle has been to Outdoor Ed 19 times. He went many times as a 5th grade teacher and for the past couple of years with the 5th graders as a sub when other teachers were not able to make it on the field trip. It is important that you get enough Outdoor Ed

Teachers also went on field trips when they were kids. Mr. Cagle went when he was little. He grew up in Virginia so, for field trips they went to Washington D.C. One time they went to the mint, the paper-money-maker place. It was really cool!

The 7th graders used to go to the SF zoo and stay overnight. They were able to hear many animal noises all throughout the day and night, and especially in the morning. The 7th graders also go on a field trip to Yosemite.  The field trip is run by Nature Bridge.  “It is a fairly new field trip,” says Mr.Cagle.  He has been on the Yosemite field trip a couple times. 

Hopefully when the pandemic is tapered down, we will be able to resurrect a lot of these field trips.  They are, as you can see, terrific ways for students to learn!