Fantastic Festivals

“As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.” Albert Einstein.

Fantastic Festivals

Ayla and Shakthi

Every year, North Star has a different festival. Last year, during online school, the Festival of the Arts happened online. This year, North Star is having the Festival of Numbers on Thursday, May 26. 

“I am excited to spend the day talking about math!” exclaimed Ms. Shackel, “I enjoy spending the day doing something different and learning in a fun way,” 

Sixteen different classes are being offered, and two of them are for 7th and 8th grade scholars only. These classes are the First Job class, in which you are required to be in 7th grade and above, and the Dance Dance Transversal class, which is appropriate for scholars in 8th or 7th grade. 

Lizzy S. in 7th says that the classes she most wants to take are “the first job and board game classes.” Camila V. also wants these classes. The board game class is called Board? Let’s Play and is about creating mathematical board games. The other class is called First Job and is about part time jobs for 7th and 8th grade students.

“I want anything that includes math and is challenging (for a class)” says Alexandros P. in 4th grade, “specifically Wrack Your Brain.” Wrack Your Brain is a math themed gameroom. 

There are many different classes you can take, one of them is called Fractivities and is about the math of fractals. Another class is called Cryptocurrency. This class teaches you about bitcoin and mining for it. Finally, there is a class called Extinction and is about how “why we humans have been a primary contributor to the extinction of other living organisms,” 

Some of the past festivals that North Star had were the festivals of words, science, numbers, and art. “I loved the festival of arts because it was new and I love art,” said Ms. Shackel. 

“My favorite past (festival) would be the celebration of science. I remember that very fondly because kids who are not usually engaged in class were engaged,” remembered Mr. Robinson, the 4th grade math teacher. 

Asher S. in 8th grade says that his favorite festival was the “Past festival of numbers. We did pi and I remember doing a fun activity. I never really thought about celebrating numbers and I guess they are an important thing to celebrate,”

Lizzy S. said that she liked the “art festival because I liked this letter drawing one by Mr. Cagle,” 

Camila V. said that she liked the same festival “because you get to be creative and find a class that you enjoy doing with your passion,” 

North Star students are excited to have a fun time learning all about math and numbers in person this year!