McKinley and North Star Conjoined Campus Opinions

Mrs. Shackel is now the principal of both schools!

McKinley and North Star Conjoined Campus Opinions

Wren, Reporter

For 27 years, North Star Academy has shared a campus with the McKinley Institute of Technology. The conjoined campus has the scholars in both schools with mixed opinions. Here is what they have to say about the matter.

Celeste V, who has been at McKinley school for 3 years, and her group of friends, say “I hate the conjoined campuses. It is so unfair.” For one, she stated that the McKinley school does not hold play performances, while NSA does. “The North Star kids don’t affect us, it’s just annoying.” she adds. They believe North Star Academy is favored.

On the other side, North Star kids feel similarly. Shira F, Megan O, and Chloe C, students who have been at NSA since 3rd grade, say they believe North Star school is favored over McKinley. “North Star is the favorite… the conjoined campusis are tolerable, but sometimes it gets crowded and they might leave their trash behind,” Megan H says. 

“As a younger kid, we might feel intimidated by McKinley students, but I’m older now and it’s fine.” All three North Star scholarsadd.

While some students feel strongly about the matter, others have little to say about it. Eli M, a North Star 8th grader who has been here since 4th grade,comments “I don’t interact with them, so it’s okay!” He mentions how it doesn’t affect him or his friends. 

“When you’re wearing a costume or being yourself, they might try to put you down or disrespect you.” Ellie G and Lucy O, 4th graders from North Star agree. 

To summarize, There are lots of mixed feelings about the McKinley and North Star conjoined campusis. Most McKinley kids feel that North Star is the favored school, and both school students feel that the respect given to each other is a moderate amount. The students may create an image of the students in the other school, or stereotype them to certain standards. Although the school’s opinions about each other vary, we are able to learn in a somewhat respectful environment.