North Stars Opinions on State Testing

First time state testing in the last 2 years!

North Stars Opinions on State Testing

Brianna, Nevaeh, and Riley

State testing is a series of tests at the end of the school year taken by every student in the state of California. The purpose of the tests are to see if the students are understanding the context that the teachers are giving them. There are multiple opinions that students have about the tests.


After 2 years of being in quarantine the fourth and third graders never have gotten a chance to take the test. So this is their first time taking the test. 


We interviewed a few scholars and this is what they had to say before and during the test. Marco from 3rd grade said that he was “prepared” and that thought that he “was going to do very well.” Jyotsna from 4th grade said that she didn’t know if it was going to be hard or easy, saying, “I think we might be getting some easy, hard and medium [questions]”. Next, we interviewed Josie from 6th grade. We asked her how she felt about the state testing schedule and here’s what she said: “I don’t like it.” We also asked her how she thinks she’s done so far, she said “absolutely terrible.”

After the tests, we interviewed more scholars to ask them how they felt about the testing, now that it was finished. Julia V from 6th grade said  that  “I do like it better than Iready, but I still find the tests tedious to complete.” She also said that, “In my opinion the ELA test was easier but the math one wasn’t super difficult.” Malia F from 6th grade said “ Sometimes I enter the test and do my best, then have regrets about my answers that only come after I triple check my work.”