Enrichment Review

Enrichment Review

Brianna and Stefania

At North Star, we have a class at the end of the day that only scholars from 4th-8th grade are allowed to do (3rd graders do something different with their teachers). There are many different enrichment classes that students can do and at the beginning of the trimester there is a survey where students can choose their top 3 enrichment classes and possibly be put into one of them if there is space. There are many topics to choose from considering that all teachers from 4th-8th grade are responsible for an enrichment topic. 


The first of the many enrichments is KNSA. KNSA, led by Ms. Fadel is the “most known enrichment” in the school. This enrichment is where they make the news videos for NSA. They work very hard to deliver amazing videos every few days. We interviewed Noah R. from KNSA and he said that he chose as his first choice and that he got to be editor. The only thing he wasn’t fond of was that he has to do things within a certain amount of time. We also interviewed Ms. Fadel and she said that she has been doing KNSA for about 4 and a half years at North Star. She also said that this enrichment teaches communication skills, time management, script writing skills and how to work as a team. This enrichment class is what keeps North Star aware of what is happening at school, but there are also many other enrichments in the school that are very interesting.


One of the other enrichments is the sewing and stitching enrichment which is led by Mrs. Robinson and Ms. Jane Gorino. The first student that we interviewed was Emma H. One question we asked her what choice this enrichment was in. Her response was that she chose it as her second choice. We asked her multiple questions and she had multiple responses. However, in all of her responses it had something to do with her loving her enrichment. She said that she loves this enrichment and it’s really fun. One of our questions was, “What is your least favorite part?” She responded by saying that her least favorite part was that she had to share a sewing machine. One of the directors, Mrs. Robinson, says the students get to embroider and sew with a machine. According to Mrs. Robinson, the kids embroider twice a week and sew twice a week. During the interview she also showed us some of her design books. “…So if you ever want a picture you can take a picture of my book.” She says. We asked her if she got to choose what she teaches for enrichment and she said that she had many options to choose from but she wanted to choose something new. She says that it was a good choice and that she really enjoys teaching it. Mrs. Robinson has really taught us that trying new things could lead to you having a very good time.


Another enrichment class is the WE enrichment led by Ms. Vance and Mr. Havey. This enrichment is a class where students learn communication skills, how to interact with people and they learn program development. They partner up with a website named, you guessed it, WE. The WE also holds a lot of fundraisers and activities for our school that either teach us problems around the world, raise money for the school, or raise money for issues around the world! This enrichment is very caring to the world around us. If you love helping people and issues this enrichment is perfect! 


The Trojan War Cycle led by Mrs. Minor is an enrichment where you can learn about the ancient world and the stories within. We interviewed Mrs.s Minor and she said that the students get a chance to learn and dive deeper into the ancient world. They learn well known ancient stories like the Trojan war. Mrs. Minor said, “..enrich the lives of the students.” She chose to teach this enrichment and uses her book she wrote to teach the stories to our students.


These were few of the many enrichments at North Star Academy for trimester three. All these teachers have worked very hard to make these enrichments a fun and entertaining learning experience. Maybe you will get one of these topics for your enrichment class next year!