Mary Poppins Review!

The show was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Mary Poppins Review!

Riley, Nevaeh, and Julia

After about 2 years of not being able to take part in or watch school plays and musicals, the theatrical performance Mary Poppins was a great refresher. Many people enjoyed watching the play and said it was a great performance. This musical was staged through May 19-22nd and was about two hours long. Along with an intermission. Hard work and practice caused the acting to be amazing along with the costumes and props which added to the realism.

We interviewed the main roles of Mary Poppins. They happily commented that they enjoyed being in the play. The rest of the cast agreed. Here are some things they had to say. Hannah G in 7th grade played Mary Poppins. We asked her about the experience she has had in the past and we also asked her if she was happy with the role she got, this is how she responded. Hannah said “ I was in the prologue for the Little Mermaid and I was in Anything Goes. We also asked her if she enjoyed being in the musical and she stated, “Yes definitely.” The last question we asked Hannah was did you like the role you got? “Yeah it was fun, it was a lot of work but it paid off. ” We also interviewed the actors who played Jane and Michael Banks. Pardis in 7th grade played Michael Banks. She noted “ This was my first musical and I enjoyed being in the musical. It was fun. ” While on the other hand Olivia D in 7th grade who played Jane Banks remarked “ I have been in “ Anything Goes ” and the play “ The Girl with the Golden Locks ”. Samantha K in 8th Grade played the character Burt.

All the actresses that we interviewed said that they loved the role they had. Hannah in 7th who played Mary Poppins said that “Yeah it was fun, it was a lot of work but it paid off”. Olivia in 7th agrees saying “Yes I very much enjoyed being in the musical” After they performed the musical the cast went back and watched a video of it. Hannah said that when she watched the video she could definitely see some mistakes that other people could not, and that the audience didn’t know about some of the mistakes.

Of course this is a review so we also interviewed some students who watched the musical. Josie from 6th grade watched the theatrical performance, and here is what she had to say: “ I really thought the set and props were cool ”. We also interviewed Isabelle M, a student in 6th grade, she said “ I rate the musical an eight out of ten, I rate it 8 out of 10 instead of 10 out of 10 because many of the shows were good but one had many more mistakes than the others. ”

Overall the entire musical was amazing from actors, to costumes, set design and tech/stage crew. Mary Poppins was a very successful performance. Everyone worked so hard and they all did very well. It all paid off in the end.