Welcoming Mr. Carranza To NSA

Welcoming Mr. Carranza To NSA

Ayla and Amaya

Last year, NSA’s dearly beloved 4th grade math teacher, Mr. Robinson retired after many years of teaching. The new 4th grade math teacher in his place is Mr. Carranza.

“I think he is a loving teacher who cares deeply about his students and is an amazing math teacher! Plus I think he is very funny,” said Ms. Shackel.

Before North Star, Mr. Carranza was the principal at Hoover school, and before that a teacher at Adelante. “I’m excited about the kids!” exclaimed Mr. Carranza, “the kids are awesome!”

4th grader Emma S. said, “Mr. Carranza is really nice, funny and very fair. I’m excited to do the taking notes bit and the brain shaker in the morning: remembering what we did yesterday.”

“I like that he does Fun Fridays,” said Axel C. Mark M. agreed with Axel, saying that Mr. Carranza was very funny, adding that when taking attendance, he says “raise your hand if you’re not here.”

Fun Fridays with Mr. Carranza are very popular. Cyrus K. says that “one of my favorite things he does is Fun Friday. We get to play on the computer. I like that he does math games like Jeopardy.” 

“I like that if one of us is talking he does not get mad at us,” says Xavier C.   

In 4th grade math, the scholars are currently working on place value. In the future they will learn averages, geometry and more. 

“I think Mr. Carranza explains the math really well,” says Ms. Shackel. “I  saw him teaching a lesson where he was drawing  a picture and I could see the students learning something new.”

Mr. Carranza enjoys to “play guitar. I love learning new songs, walking and running, and just spending time with my wife and family.” He would also like to travel to the small country of Estonia, because it looks well run, clean, and the people seem friendly. 

“He is organized and hardworking,” says Mrs. Pinto, the 4th grade social studies and ELA teacher, “He has great ideas for the 4th grade newsletter and communication with the parents.”

Viana H. says, “If there was a fire everyone would be freaking out. It would be the loudest place on earth! But Mr. Carranza would be really calm and he’s just so kind.”

Emma S. described Mr. Carranza as “kind, funny, and fair,” along with Violet H. saying “I like that he’s so funny, and very fair.” Axel C. described him as “fun and inspiring.”

So far in 4th grade math this year with Mr. Carranza, scholars have learned about patterns and sequences, long division, have reviewed division and multiplication from third grade, and are doing a project on place value. 

Ms. Shackel says that “I think he is really going to help students develop a deep love of math. He is very encouraging and is very empowering for all our scholars.”

 “I am looking forward to seeing what he offers for enrichment,” says Mrs. Pinto. “New staff members often bring ideas for classes we have never had before.”

Mr. Carranza’s advice for the students is “Have fun, don’t sweat.” His advice to teachers is also to “have fun! If you enjoy what you are teaching, then the kids will enjoy learning.” 

“I’m excited for any projects and field trips. Mr. Carranza always likes to listen to stories so I think he’ll enjoy the ones we bring back,” says Viana H. 

Everyone is glad Mr. Carranza now teaches at North Star. “I am so happy Mr. C is at North Star,” says Ms. Shackel, “he’s a great addition to our team!”