5th Grade Teacher Ms. Tickel Joins NSA!

5th Grade Teacher Ms. Tickel Joins NSA!

Eline and Reese

Ms. Tickel is one of many new teachers at NSA running the gauntlet for the first time. Starting with the fifth graders in science and ELA, she’s a favorite with everyone, both teachers and students. “I really like her. She took the ball and ran with it,” said Mrs. Snyder, a fellow 5th grade teacher for ELA and Social Studies. “ We’re just really happy to have her,” she continued.

        Ms. Tickel is extremely popular with all of her students. “She’s nice, she’s not one of those very strict teachers,” said Kimberly, one of her enrichment students. “She is a cool teacher.” Ms. Tickel has an easygoing, kind personality. 

         Tori D. had a shorter response, “Nice,” she stated when asked what she thought about her new teacher. It seems most of her students wanted to confirm this fact, including Amaya V., Ayla Y. and Mohammed S. Ms. Tickel seems to love her students as much as they love her. 

          “She’s patient, very, very, patient,” said Amaya, a 5th grade student.

           As a coworker and friend, Ms. Tickel is liked by Mrs. Snyder and Mrs. Robinson, the other two 5th grade teachers. “We like her a lot,” said Mrs. Snyder. “She fits in really well with Ms. Robinson and I. I think she’s a really good teacher.” Ms. Tickel collaborates with Mrs. Snyder on teaching English Language Arts.  She focuses more on  grammar and nonfiction, and Mrs. Snyder towards poetry and literature. 

Mrs. Robinson, the math teacher, said, “It’s so great to have her as our third 5th grade teacher. She’s a wonderful addition to the school.” 

Ms. Tickel’s teaching techniques have clearly been successful so far. “Ms. Tickel makes learning in a very interesting and fun way,” said Mohammed S. 

Ms. Tickel explained this about her techniques, “I teach with enthusiasm. I try to stay organized, and I like to get kids talking and speaking and discussing.” She’s won over the students with her wonderful personality and style. 

She also knows what the students need, having already taught at Roosevelt, and is extremely inclusive to make sure everyone understands what they’re learning. 

“I remember my 5th grade year so well, and I know how hard and fun it can be. I want to help students have a good 5th grade experience,” she states.  Ms. Tickel’s teaching style was influenced by the exotic places she has taught, including Abu Dhabi, Colombia and Brazil. She even speaks Spanish fluently! 

The environment is very important to Ms. Tickel’s. Her enrichment is Upcycled Art, where she and the students use recycled materials to make beautiful art pieces. “I love creating things and I love our planet. I wanted to bridge the two together,” said Ms. Tickel. Also, the 5th graders are learning about the importance of compost. Mrs. Robinson said, “She has plans to get North Star composting.” 

Outdoor Ed is also a very important part of the year, and obviously Ms. Tickel wants to emphasize this, as … “She’s going to be teaching the students a lot about Outdoor Ed…Usually that doesn’t always happen. It’s really cool.” stated Mrs. Robinson. 

Ms. Tickel seems really enthusiastic for this year, “I was ready for something new.”

North Star is very lucky to have Ms. Tickel here this year. And as Mrs. Robinson finished, “I just couldn’t be happier, having her as a colleague, a coworker, and teammate.”