New Third Graders Enter North Star

Lily and Mia

What does the new generation of Gryphons have to say about North Star? Many third graders are happily enjoying North Star so far and have strong opinions about their new school, but also have some ideas for improvement. Third grader Marlowe K. says her favorite thing about North Star is that “Our teachers are always nice and all of our friends are always playing with us.” Many other third graders said that they liked their new teachers, including Karyssa L. who added that she likes how the staff treat everyone equally. Another third grader, Paul W. explained, “Everything is really good” and “Everyone is super nice here.” 

One difference about North Star and other schools is that the curriculum moves faster.  Avery A. added that it’s a “little harder than my old school.” However, she likes this challenge and how the curriculum is paced. Another student, Dev I. also described the new curriculum as it “feels a bit more advanced.” 

Besides the curriculum, there are many other differences between North Star and the third graders’ previous schools. Marlowe K. said that “It’s bigger and more fun”. Karyssa L. also agreed that the campus is bigger than her previous school’s. Another main difference between North Star and other schools is the lockers which grades three to six get, Kaia A. explained. Despite some differences, the children also described some similarities. Dev I. said that a similarity between his old school and North Star is the field, and Kaia A. said that the cafeteria was similar. Paul W. included that the noise levels in the hallways was also something similar to his previous school. 

While many third graders are enjoying North Star, there are a few things they would change. Avery A. said “I don’t really think we need lockers.” One of the main differences between other schools and NSA is that elementary students have lockers. The other main thing some third graders would change is the playground. Karysa L. would love a bigger playground, and Marlowe K. specifically added to “make the slide come back.” A few weeks ago, one of the slides on the playground was devastatingly taken out because of a crack on it. 

Moving to a new school can be scary for some people, thankfully, some older students have advice for the new scholars. Sometimes, students can feel overwhelmed with the work from the teachers and are hesitant to ask for help. However, Student Council President Shira F., says that “All teachers and staff at NSA are here to help you grow.” One of the third grade teachers, Mr. Nguyen agrees,  saying “I love watching my students grow.” Another big thing about moving schools is making new friends, and sometimes it can seem hard to fit in with everyone. President Leo L. advises third graders to “join clubs, like the lego one” as well as to be creative. Making new friends is important to build a community and school is just that much more fun with friends. Eighth grader, Teddy O. says to “Stay on top of school work and don’t let assignments get control over you.” Teddy’s advice is important because it is extremely common for students to feel overwhelmed from work. Overall, the third graders have had great experiences and have learned a lot in their first months of being at North Star.