Art Gallery

An Art Show Masterpiece!

Eleanor, Hanna, and Carey

You walk into room 140, the 5th grade science teacher Ms. Tickle’s room. On the tables, there is art that looks like it has been made out of recycled materials! It is also unexpectedly crowded, as everyone wants to look at the art made of reused materials. This was reality on Tuesday, September 27 during enrichment. 

The enrichment Upcycled Art was having a gallery walk, where you could look at all the elegant art that students had been working on. Kids were coming in mini groups from their enrichments. Even if the groups were small, many of them came, and it got really crowded at times! Most of the scholars who came agree with that statement.

Fifth grader Michaela Y. says,“It impressed me how many people were there.” Many other students had the same thought. The gallery was crowded enough that almost whenever you tried to move, someone would accidentally bump into you.

Many kids thought the upcycling was picturesque. Megan P, a 4th grader, commented, “The beauty caught my eye.” Everything was very colorful, making scholars wonder if they could make something so creative.

Fifth grader Kiersten M added, “I was really interested to see all the creativity.” Many other scholars also think this. Everything there was made out of all the recyclable materials the students could find.

Another fifth grader Juliet Y, remarked, “I really liked all the upcycling.”

Seventh grader Julia V says, “I think everybody here did a good job.”

The art was all very different. Ms Tickle was also very proud of her scholars, “It’s all so different, all so beautiful!”

Many of the teachers also came to the art gallery. Mrs Shackle noted, “I was really impressed with the creativity.”

Jane, the teacher of the enrichments Sewing and Photography, exclaimed, “It was very creative.”

All of the people who made the art used simple objects to make the beautiful art. The scholars used old bottles, jugs, yarn, clay, newspaper, stickers, tissue paper, feathers, beads, and popsicle sticks to make all this lovely art.

One piece stood out against them all, according to the scholars who came to the enrichment. If you look through the slideshow of pictures, you will find a picture of a vase with cacti and flowers. Many people thought this was very interesting.

Emma T commented, “I like the addition of cacti, so that it’s not just flowers.” Similar comments were audible around the piece of art.