Homework V.S. Extra-Curricular

A crammed schedule!

Homework V.S. Extra-Curricular

Hanna, Eleanor, and Carey

Lots of kids at North Star have a problem with extra curricular activities interfering with their homework time. Some of the activities that scholars do are soccer, baseball, basketball, or even volleyball and ballet. 

Kids sometimes come to the counselors for solutions to homework problems. Mrs. Sitte says that homework is a common problem students come to her with. She talks about answers to their problems with them.

“I talk to them about time management,” says Mrs. Sitte. “We have some kids who do independent P.E.” Independent P.E. is when scholars do at least 5 hours of sports on their own a week. They use P.E. for homework time instead.

 Mrs Sitte also recommends using a planner. She herself uses a Google Doc planner! “Using a Google Doc is a good idea because you can link assignments to it,” Mrs. Sitte explains, “I think using a Google Doc planner is easy to do.”

After asking our school therapist, Gary, he says, “Remind yourself that there is not going to be a perfect answer.” Some tips he suggests are to make the best decision and forgive yourself.

Ms. Kristy also gave some advice. “…it could be doing a few extra curricular activities.”

Some students have schedules that don’t let them finish homework. An anonymous 7th grader keeps herself going by staying positive and says, “If we don’t do enough homework, then we won’t succeed.”

After asking Anne G, an 8th grader, she said “If it is due that night, then I will stay up and do it.” With some other scholars, their parents don’t agree to let them finish their homework at night, so they work on it at P.E.

Matthew D, a 5th grader, said, “Sometimes I shorten the time when I have to do other things in my schedule.” Lots of other students have this problem and instead of coming back to homework after other curriculars, they get the homework done first and go to other activities later. 

Sixth grader Maria A says that she just wakes up early to finish her homework, and then comes to school ready for the day. Many scholars forget that they can wake up early and finish their homework rather than going to be late.

If you need a way to finish your homework without having to work after it is due, then you can try one of the many ways that other students use to solve this problem.