Colman, Gabe, Thomas, and Zenji

“No matter what you believe, I’m here for you” said Mr. Gary, the new therapist at North Star. Gary’s goal is to  try to make North Star a better place. He is located on the second floor of the two story building in room 238. Mr. Gary’s goal is to help everyone feel safe and be willing to help students no matter what. He’s also trying to help students to express their feelings so they feel more comfortable around him. 

Out of sixth graders Cole, Leo, Josie, Logan, and  Matthew, four out of five of them would go to Mr. Gary. When asked about what he thinks about Gary, Leo V. said “He’s fire, he swishes all his shots.” Mrs. Sitte thinks “He’s gonna be a lot of fun.” Mrs. Sitte, the school’s counselor, would go to him if she needed someone to talk to. She even said “Absolutely, 100%.” 

Gary’s dream day would be walking on the beach with his dog Panda, and eating a hamburger with adult soda. He also loves 80’s music, and his favorite movie is Scarface. He also likes watching sports such as wrestling, he follows the Warriors and the San Francisco 49ers. Mr. Gary said that he has a lot of jobs he would have loved to also do. Gary said that he wants to be a sports broadcaster or the Cf (Center Field) for the San Francisco Giants. As a kid thought he wanted to be a scientist. What Mr.gary does is he makes kids feel welcome and safe in his room, he helps them work through tough times and gives them advice for future times. He also can help you control your emotions and when it’s a good time for each emotion.

With a new counselor you have to find out what people think about him. Josie D. said he had a strong and positive personality. She also said “Gary’s cool!”  Another student, Cole W, said he is nice, kind, and funny. He also said that “He’s going to change NSA for the better.” People went so far saying things like “Mr. Gary is a very kind human being,” which Logan B said. So far, people like Mr. Gary and welcome him into the North Star community.

Gary is a very kind and generous person. He brings happiness to all of the kids  at North Star. His actions are very nice and inspiring. He helps kids share their emotions so they feel more comfortable around him. He likes to call his room “the safe place” because you can play around there and have fun. He solves problems very quickly and helps kids feel less stressed. All in all, Mr. Gary will change the North Star campus for the better!