Celebrating North Star’s 25th Anniversary

NSA’s 25th Anniversary!

  Celebrating North Star’s 25th Anniversary

Viana, Reporter

WE are celebrating a milestone this year – North Star is a quarter century old!!  This year, the theme is “25 Years of Loving to Learn.” Mrs. Shackel, the principal of North Star Academy, says, “I think this is like North Star’s birthday. A lot of achievements have happened, students have graduated, and made a life – it all kind of leads to this. I honor them for who they are, and for them contributing, growing, and maturing. And North Star’s also won a lot of awards, like the California Distinguished School Award, and the Blue Ribbon, a national honor. I’m really proud.”

Friday night, current and former students, staff and parents attended the fall festival as a way of expressing their gratitude to North Star and shared memories of their experiences here.

Mrs. Sitte, a North Star Academy counselor, says, “I think the incredible North Star community, the scholars, the parents, and all the support we’ve received throughout the years helped lead us to this. I’m really proud of the relationships I’ve developed, with the school and the students. It’s amazing to see all the scholars grow, become thoughtful, and grow into young adults. I look forward to continuing to support the North Star Academy, and the amazing scholars.”

7th graders, Brandon and Gabriel, say, “I love North Star and I’m happy for it.”

“I’m excited and proud of North Star, and I love being part of this achievement,” Elizabeth M., and other students stated.

Avi Patnaik, a 6th grader, says, “It’s really cool how North Star has been around for 25 years! I am proud of how many friends I have made in just a couple of years and how much I have learned from this school. I look forward to what the future of this school has to come!”