New Student Council!


Eleanor, Carey, and Hanna

In May, 2022 there was an election at North Star Academy. The new student council was chosen! This council consisted of presidents Leo L. and Shira FK., vice presidents Chloe C. and Megan H., treasurer Arnav P. , and secretary Kiefer S.

The student council officers say that the new job is a little pressuring but very fun.

“It pushes me to be a better scholar,” stated Shira FK, student council  co-president.

“I love being involved with the school and the community,” Leo Lenoir, the other co-president remarked. Many other scholars agree with these statements .

The co-vice president, Chloe, agreed, “I love working with other people.”

Megan Hohl, the other co-vice president, quoted, “I really enjoy it because I get to make changes for the school.” Everyone in the student council is very happy in their position.

Kiefer Schultz, the secretary, commented,“Just get all the work done, and be prepared.” An organized council will be helpful for the whole school.

“We don’t try to make it any more complicated than it needs to be,” Arnav Prathipati explained. “I want to make it more fun for the whole school.”

They are creating all of these fun activities for NSA.They have already created many for the students. They have organized spirit days, Boo grams a middle school dance and we even have a vending machine due to the efforts of the student council.

Being on Student Council is a lot of work, and sometimes they feel the pressure.  Chloe Chu states that she gets nervous, “at times when it is busy right before an event.”

Leo Lenoir shared that , “People have expectations for me and sometimes I don’t meet those expectations”

Students have various opinions of this new committee. 

One student said, “I’m surprised how some of it turned out.” Many students expect the outcome to be different. They may have voted for someone else, and some of them feel strongly about that.

Eighth grader Giffin A verbalized, “I don’t think the presidents are going to do the best job.” His opinion is echoed by some other students.

Maria A, a 6th grader, disagreed, “I think the votes got a pretty good student council.”

The Boo Grams are being sold this fall! The different types of candy put in the gram bags are sometimes frowned upon by students.

“I think that the people who do the grams should not do High-Chews and Airheads because people with braces and expanders can’t eat them,” 4th grader Megan P declared. Many scholars with expanders and braces in their mouths agree with her logic.

The grams have High-Chews, Airheads, Jolly Ranchers, vampire teeth, and Sour Punch, Dumb-Dumbs, stickers, and erasers.

Ellie G. from the Boo Gram Committee said, “It’s hard work but it is really, really fun.” The rest of her team seemed to be just as happy.

Mrs. Shackel and Mr. Havey are loving the student council so far. 

“I am really happy with the progress they have made so far. We have a vending machine now, a middle school dance, and a record amount of boo grams sold.” reveals Mr. Havey, and he continues, “I would say there is no way to give a ten because they are always growing and maturing. Maybe by the end of the year they’ll get a ten.” This student council group is special to him, because Mr. Havey taught them in 4th grade, 6th grade, and now in enrichment.

“I love them very much” expressed Mrs. Shackel, “Very responsive, very responsible, and very helpful in launching the house system.”

One example of the student council being responsive is the vending machine. They gave the students what they wanted, but some people think it is too expensive. 

Max S. from 6th reported, “I agree that vending machine is expensive.” However, most people do acknowledge that they did get the vending machine done.

A fifth grader named Ethan C. knows about the vending machine, as he is in the enrichment and is a student rep. Here is some information he tells people about the vending machine.

When asked about the vending machine, Ethan commented that the school got the vending machine for free, and, “all profits go to the school.” Ethan knows about the anger of prices, and destroyed hopes of prices going down by dryly commenting, “I don’t think they are going to be changing them [the prices] very soon.”

People have also been wanting drinks to come to the vending machine. The Student Council knows this, and Ethan shares, “They are thinking about getting a beverage machine if enough votes come in.” 

Some other general information Ethan adds is, “They are going to be posting a lot of posters around the vending machine because they know people will be hanging out there. Also, all the snacks go through a smart snack calculator. It was not the student council’s choice, they were required to.”

Whatever students have voted, the new student council is here, and one message from Mrs. Shackle is no doubt reflected by other students: “Thank you for everything they do.”