The Clubs at NSA

The Clubs at NSA

Viana, general assignment reporter

One of the unique things about North Star is that it has clubs almost every day that you can attend during lunch. For example, Chess club, for 5th and 6th graders on Monday 12:40  in room 142, or the soon-to-open Lego Club for 3rd-4th graders, on Wednesdays at 12:40 in room 243, opening on November 30th! Anyone can pursue their interests in at least one of the amazing clubs. 

Jenna K, a fourth grader, has a specific interest in the Art club. “I like art club because it’s fun and entertaining,” she said. Art club for elementary students is on Tuesdays at 12:20 and for middle school students it starts at 12:45.

Natalie P. another 4th grader, has a different club she likes. “I like the Knitting club because we get to knit stuff to donate to poor people,” she stated. Emi E. agrees with Natalie, but she also has an extra reason that she likes knitting club.

“I agree with Natalie, but another reason I like Knitting club is because it is run by kids,” she said. Knitting club is on Mondays and Thursdays at 12:20 in room 245. 

Pokemon club, another favorite, meets on Fridays at 12:20 in room 240 for grades 3-4.  One 8th grader said he wished they would open it up to older students!

A popular club among students are elementary/middle school Book clubs. Book club is on Wednesdays for all grade levels in room 238. It starts at 12:15 for elementary students and 12:40 for middle school.

For middle school students, a club you can attend is GSA, short for the Gender Sexuality Alliance, for grades 6-8th in room 117 at 12:40.

Some clubs people also attend are clubs made by students, such as Knitting club (mentioned above) or Fidget club, on Wednesdays in room 242 at 12:20. You can make your own club by asking permission from a teacher to use their room. Some people like to use posters to advertise their clubs to people who might be interested.

Mr. Nguyen, a third grade teacher, and the founder of Pokemon club, says, “I created Pokemon Club because I love Pokemon.  I play the card game, Pokemon Go, and many of the Pokemon video games. I wanted to share my passion for Pokemon with others who also love Pokemon and wanted to learn more about the world of Pokemon. I am hoping scholars learn how to play Pokemon the card game and enjoy more about Pokemon.” 

In a survey of eight people, 65.5 percent of people said they would rather stay outside, and 37.5 percent of people said it depends on if they want to go on a lunch club, and that it usually depends; as shown in one of the pictures above.