New 3rd Grade Teacher – Mrs. Castellanos!

New 3rd Grade Teacher - Mrs. Castellanos!

Viana, General Assignment Reporter

We’d like to welcome a new teacher to North Star: Mrs. Castellanos! She is a new third grade teacher. You can find her in room 245. She is an advanced instructor who has spent a lot of time teaching and subbing at many schools.

“I came here because I wanted to work with students who are advanced learners and want to achieve,” she said.

        She has lots of experience “I came from the Belmont school district, I spent a lot of my time at Sandpiper Elementary. I also taught a bit at Burlingame, too.” She mentions that even earlier, she used to work in the high-tech industry. “I think that’s something a little interesting about me.” she stated. 

         Out of all the places she has worked, she cannot decide which place she likes best- which just goes to show that she is passionate about every place she works at.

“When I come here every day, I really look forward to carpet time, because I love engaging with the kids. I also really enjoy working one-on-one, so when a kid comes to me I also really like it.” It is understandable that this must be her favorite part of teaching.

But of course, what is one thing we can improve on, and how? “This is only for third grade, but I think third grade could improve by having a finalized P.E schedule.”  A lot of people would agree!

Mrs. Castellanos also has some interesting hobbies. “I like to read, knit, I also like hiking,” she mentioned, “But I really like talking to my friends, it’s really nice, you know?”

Mrs. Hoff, another third grade teacher, says, “I’m happy to welcome Mrs. Castellanos to North Star, she is very friendly and kind. I think it’s really neat that she is bilingual and speaks Spanish. I like working with her because she always tries her best. I appreciate her perseverance. I’m excited to show her all the fun things third graders do and learn this year!”