NSA Teacher Protests in Attempt to Save a Tree


Veronika and Victoria

Did you know that Mrs Minor, 6th grade teacher, sat in a tree for a day? Well it’s true! She sat on an oak tree from 5:30 am until the government agreed to talk about not cutting it down. It was even on the news. Mrs. Minor used a 6 foot ladder to get up the oak, then pulled herself up on the branches the rest of the way up. She states that it was hard climbing up and her legs got all scratched up. 

Petra Bender, in 6th grade, thinks that Mrs. Minor did a great deed “It’s a fun way to save the oaks” Petra says. If Petra was in Mrs. Minor’s situation she would do the same thing because it’s important to help save trees. Wren Hains, another student of Mrs. Minor’s, supports her actions. She said that if she was in Mrs. Minor’s situation she would do what she did but bring more snacks and entertainment. “I admire how bold that was,” Wren added

Mrs. Minor brought a large backpack of food and water up into the tree with her. She climbed up the tree in the first place to prevent the government from cutting it down. Apparently the tree had a root fungus, and officials thought it posed a danger because it could collapse. Further research however, actually showed that the fungi was there on purpose to decompose the tree as it dies. In the backpack Gwen Minor had breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and water all for her protest. Sadly,  the tree was ultimately cut down, but Mrs. Minor’s actions prevented the government from cutting down the tree for a whole 2 months.

Even now Mrs.Minor still has her “Save the Oaks” sign. She was very pleased with the results but wishes the tree could have been saved. Many of her students agree with her actions. Do you?