Upcycled Art on All Day Enrichment


Students working on art projects

Hanna and Amaya

Have you ever wondered what other enrichments did when they stayed on campus during all day enrichment? The upcycled art enrichment went on their field trip the day before and stayed at school for the day working on their new projects. “Free choice art and hopefully do something they are proud of.” is what the Upcycled art enrichment will be doing according to Mrs. Tickel, their teacher.  The students are also working on making upcycled art about things that they are passionate about. 

Fifth grader Mia K. noted, “My favorite thing about all day enrichment is we have lots of time to make art,” she also says “I like to do art and it’s really fun.” The Upcycled Art class went to Scrap, an organization that gets old donations from the community in San Francisco on November 3. 

Abigail M. from 8th grade describes it, “Scrap is a recycling center where we took a tour then we looked at some goods that were donated and bought some [to use for our projects].” 

Michelle B. from 5th grade says, “they take donated items and use them then let people buy them.” Other people in this enrichment who were interviewed had about the same description of Scrap. 

Mrs. Tickel, the Upcycled Art and Science/ELA teacher described Scrap as “a creative reuse center where people drop off recycled goods and people buy them”. She suggests that you go to Scrap and check it out because it’s for everyone, not just people interested in art.

 Abigail M. says “I thought it was interesting,” referring to when she picked the Upcycled Art enrichment. Harper K. agrees when she says,  “it was cool to make something [out of stuff] that I just found around my house”. Mia K. even says she had to google upcycled art to figure out if it would be good for her.

Ms Tickel complimented, “I am proud of the dedication everyone has shown.” She also notes that they “are such a creative group.”

Many scholars made art that was memorable to them. The types ranged from tapes and CDs to Halloween signs and candles. Spring flowers and mushrooms were also a big hit to many students.

Harper K. from 6th grade mentioned that “my favorite creation was with mushrooms in a can.”  Her art was presented at the Art Gallery. Michelle B. in 5th grade said, “I loved making a collage about us, basically stuff that people used and making it into a masterpiece [about us]”. Mia K. says close to the same thing about the collage, agreeing with Michelle. 

When Mrs. Tickel gives her advice to future scholars who want to be in her enrichment she says “I believe they should take risks with their creations and not shy away”. Harper in seventh grade also explains, “you have to have creativity and an open mindset for this enrichment”. Michelle B, a fifth grader says, “you can do anything you want”. Mrs. Tickel encourages her students to try new ideas and puzzle through problems. 

November 3rd – 4th are very important days for the Upcycled art enrichment because on the 3rd they went to SCRAP and on the 4th they worked on their projects. Ms. Tickel says she loves how on all day enrichment students were “sharing ideas and making beautiful art”.

The scholars really enjoyed their field trip and All Day Enrichment because they got to get all day with their friends. Abigail M. supported this when she said her favorite part of all day enrichment was “getting to do fun things.” This enrichment is for anyone who wants to do art and not waste materials when they do it. Ms. Tickel will host the enrichment again in the spring, during the 3rd trimester but in the meantime she will be hosting Spanish.