Mr Wallace Infuses his Science Class With Humor


North Star Academy reporters  had the opportunity to interview Mr. Wallace who is an 8th grade Science teacher at MIT. He is a wonderful, hilarious teacher that also  taught at North Star for 10 years before moving over to  MIT for 14 years.  That’s total of 24 years of teaching on this campus!  When asked which school he preferred Mr Wallace said, “I like teaching at both schools, both schools are terrific.”. 

Many of the students say they like Mr. Wallace a lot.   One students, an 8th grader Elliot Y. says, “I think Mr. Wallace is a good teacher.”   All the other students that were interviewed agreed that Mr. Wallace was an especially good teacher because of his funny personality 

Melisa G. said “I like Mr. Wallace because he is funny.”. When asked about their favorite subjects. Melisa G. said, “Math, because it is the easiest subject..”  Even though  none of the students that were interviewed picked science as their favorite subject; they all said enjoy having Mr. Wallace as their teacher.

Mr. Wallace said the kids at North Star and the kids at McKinley have a lot more in common then they think.  “If you took the ten best students from North Star, and you took the ten best students from Mckinley to take a test, you would not be able to tell which group would do better because they are that close together. Both North Star and Mckinley have a lot of talented kids.” 

Mr. Wallace is clearly  a wonderful teacher that is loved for his funny personality and charisma by both North Star Academy and McKinley Institute of Technology!