McKinley Students Show Their Cooperative Side at PE

McKinley Students Show Their Cooperative Side at PE

Avi, Zenji

One thing McKinley and North Star have in common is P.E.  We have a PE Coach and they have a PE coach. 

“I feel great about teaching P.E.” says Mckinley P.E. Coach Brian. “I think the students are great for the most part, when they are doing what they should be doing. I’ve been an active guy my whole life and I also played basketball in college, so I thought it would be great to teach P.E. I also taught ELA.”

The Mckinley kids seem to love the games they are playing and the coaches there too, they mostly play volleyball, with a couple players on each side. They also seem to love basketball however, when they did play basketball they said they usually just shoot around, not playing a standard game of basketball.

“I actually have a lot of fun when teaching P.E.” Says P.E Coach Mr. Hong. “I like the kids as long as they behave. I’m a teacher, but I’m a coach just for this year.”

The kids seemed to be having a lot of fun playing their game of volleyball and even invited other people, outside of Mckinley, who they didn’t know at all to play! 

“Hey, would you like to try serving?” One of the girls asked.

The McKinley kids were very kind and welcoming, despite the stereotypes and tension that used to exist between the two groups. All the the teachers that were interviewed said they are good kids, as long as they are behaving and on task. 

At PE last Friday, there was a real spirit of cooperation on the court.  The kids would let other people join their game even if they didn’t know them.  Others stood with one of their hands out, waiting for high-fives from the players.  They seemed very friendly and would walk up and just say “hi.” to their North Star visitors.

PE is pretty much the same wherever you go to school.