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The Student News Site of North Star Academy

Gryphon Gazette

The Student News Site of North Star Academy

Gryphon Gazette

The Student News Site of North Star Academy

Gryphon Gazette


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Scratch’s Intel Trip
Scratch’s Intel Trip
Jackie K. and Noah K. November 8, 2023
The Bathrooms
The Bathrooms
Sawyer and Alexander November 8, 2023
Mr. Slater’s Busy  Substitute Experience
Mr. Slater’s Busy Substitute Experience
Catherine X. November 8, 2023

How Could We Make North Star A Better Place?

How Could We Make North Star A Better Place?

There are many good and bad things about north star. But what could this school improve on? One common thing that people believe could be improved is homework. Another thing people think could improve is the cafeteria and the cafeteria food.

“They said they fixed their food, but it just stayed the same. Not to mention the spoiled milk thing,” – 6th Grader Steffen B.

On the topic of the cafeteria, people also think the indoor eating area should return.

“North Star should add more indoor eating areas.” says 4th grader Viana. H.

One thing students think shouldn’t change is teachers. Most of the kids at North Star love the teachers and believe they have nothing to improve on.

“The teachers don’t need to improve, they are already great people!” Says 8th grader Eline V.

North Star students from earlier years also might have skipped a field trip or two due to Covid and them not being able to come to school.

“North Star could improve by adding more field trips.” says 6th grader Kyan C.

Many students also think that recess should be longer. There was even a petition created about how there should be more recess time.

6th grader Dylan L. says that we should; “Be More Respectful for our teachers and staff, and also get more recess time.

However, that was not the only petition because as of early 2022, a petition was created in hopes of bringing back the beloved game to PE, Dodgeball. Probably the most liked game in PE, which was banned after people got hurt.

“It’s the best PE game!” Says 6th Grader Colman Conner.

Many people complain that it is too hot and in the one story building and especially during the recent heatwave, it has gotten even worse.

“North Star should add air conditioning in the one-story building.” says 8th Grader Reese S.

Overall, North Star Academy could improve a lot, but it’s also great already!

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