The New NSA House Point System

The New NSA House Point System

Ayla, Copy Editor

For North Star’s 25th anniversary, Ms. Shackel and Mrs. Noriega recently announced a house system, like that in the popular book series Harry Potter. Students in each house can earn points by doing good things, such as picking up trash. Students and teachers have many thoughts on this aspect of the new Scholar’s Society. 

“(My favorite thing about the point system is) that it is a competition. I think if it wasn’t a competition no one would be interested, but because it is, people are getting really worked up about it,” stated Ben K. in 5th grade. 

“It’s really nice to celebrate scholars doing amazing things!” Ms. Tickel, the 5th grade ELA and science teacher, said enthusiastically, “I want to give points for extraordinary acts of kindness, for people going out of their way just to be kind.” 

While points appear to be for the most part popular, scholars have extremely strong opinions on the actual integrity of the system. 

“I think it’s unfair that teachers have different ideas of what deserves points, like how Nova was ahead by 400 points because their teachers gave points for smaller things,” said Griffin A. Many others interviewed expressed that they thought it was not right that Nova was ahead by so much. 

“I heard that the 3rd graders asked people for points and those people gave them. I don’t think that’s true,” said Emi E. in 4th grade. 

“We got more points before the houses were announced, so maybe our teachers did not realize they were giving more points than the other teachers. And besides, we’re the youngest house, so it is not totally fair that we were ahead by so much, but it’s more fair than it could be,” said Sibel Y. in 3rd grade, defending Nova. 

“It’s not fair that the Atria teachers felt sorry for their students, and gave unfair points. But now that they’re in the lead, hopefully that will stop,” said another person. This was said at a time when Atria was ahead. Point totals have changed many times since this was stated. 

Another topic of debate is the fact that in our Scholar’s Society, kids can only earn positive points, and not subtract any. This rule seems for the most part popular, but, as in all rules, there are some that disagree. 

“I do like (how the point system works) but you can’t give negative points if kids start misbehaving as soon as they see the point given, so I’m sort of half and half,” reflected Emi E. 

“I like that (the point system) is only positive points because I don’t think kids learn a whole lot from losing. Kids are motivated when they win, not by trying not to loose,” Mrs. Robinson pointed out. 

“I like the rule because you would feel very sad if you lost points, especially if you go out of your way to earn points,” said Libby L. in 5th grade. 

According to a recent survey of students, approximately 33% wish that the point system has negative points, exactly 50% of people are glad you can only get positive points, and about 17% of people were indifferent or did not have a strong opinion. 

The point system is part of the new Scholar’s Society at North Star. So far, it appears to be very popular, and serving its purpose of encouraging kids to do good things.                                                                                                                _-^-__-^-_
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