Relationship Between North Star and Mckinley

Relationship Between North Star and Mckinley

Ayden and Nickita

The relationship between North Star and McKinley is very strained. Many students bully each other daily and are mean to each other. McKinley is a 6th through 8th grade school while North Star is a 3rd through 8th grade school. Middle scholars are more mean than younger students so the McKinley students might be subconsciously bullying the North Star students. 

This does not put North Star in the clear. Many McKinley kids say that North Star kids think they are entitled, and this is true. Many North Star kids are from rich families so they think they are entitled and think everyone is below them. This story will clear things up about both schools.

Some positives about McKinley are that it is a school with a lot of diversity. Maria M says, “The best thing about McKinley is having a diversity of people with different races, gender identities, etc”. Since McKinley has easier ways to get in, many different races and genders apply to go there. 

There are many differences between North Star and McKinley. One of these is that McKinley does not have an entrance test. There are also many similarities such as that they have electives which are like enrichment.

Many McKinley students think that North Star students should give them a chance. Jaylee D. says, “We are actually nice, you just have to give us a chance”. Many North Star students think that all the McKinley students are mean so this stereotyping keeps going on and the North Star students are disrespectful to the McKinley students. 

McKinley students have many ideas for mending the relationship between North Star and McKinley. Nailee M. says “We should do activities together”. Dani N. says that one of these events could be that “Have a day for both schools to have a cross-school day.”.

The McKinley, North Star relationship is bad right now but with some work it can be improved and be mended.