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The Student News Site of North Star Academy

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The Student News Site of North Star Academy

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Scratch’s Intel Trip
Scratch’s Intel Trip
Jackie K. and Noah K. November 8, 2023
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The Bathrooms
Sawyer and Alexander November 8, 2023
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Mr. Slater’s Busy Substitute Experience
Catherine X. November 8, 2023

Thoughts On Video Games

Thoughts On Video Games

Many times, probably at home, your parents might have told you that video games are bad for you and also a waste of time, but you usually always think the opposite. Why? Video games are addictive, they are meant to make you play more and more so that you will buy the advertisement products. 

According to Mayo Clinic Health System”, “When playing a video game, your brain thinks that the scenario is real so when your character gets a win you think that you won in real life. The hormones released in your brain make you feel happy. Video games are harmful since research from Mayo Clinic suggests that video gamers when young are prone to obesity, lack of exercise, violence, and to little sleep. 

This may make it sound like video games are bad but, according to Benefits of Video Games in Learning – Iberdrola, “Playing video games can improve your social skills and also increase the gray matter in your brain making you a better thinker and problem solver.” So are video games good for you or not? 

After an interview with Mrs. Suresh, she said that “Some video games are good, especially educational games, since you can both learn and also have fun at the same time.” She also said that “Overall I don’t like people playing games in class but if it’s not addictive then it could be good.”

Max, a fifth grader, has similar ideas, saying “I love video games! They are really fun.” He agrees that video games are addictive and says that “you can pass time really quickly. I was video gaming and 2 hours flew by!”.

Mila, a fifth grader, also likes video games but likes a balance.

She said “Video games are addictive but my parents make me choose to do another thing after a certain time.”

Kyle, an 8th grader, plays roblox and brawl stars. He said “I play 4 hours of video games everyday.” but he said that he still gets good grades even playing games.

Francis Madden, a 4th grader said that he loved video games. He usually plays 1 hour of video games every day. He said “Video games don’t interfere with me learning much.”

In a survey of 36 NSA students, , Most people said that they like Minecraft. and Roblox in second place. Most of the people started 2 or more years ago and ¼ of them started 5 years ago!

Overall people like video games, but it’s still undecided whether video games are good or not.

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    Carlon W.Nov 14, 2023 at 9:55 pm

    Very interesting, I think a good balance between video games and learning is good.


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