Ayden, photographer

Over the years many people have wondered about how people like their homework. Usually people say that they don’t like homework, but recent research shows different. 

Out of 100 people, only half of the people don’t like homework.* ⅕ of the people don’t really have an opinion and the rest actually like homework, saying it’s fun and interesting. And, the people that don’t like homework have a general agreement that they only don’t like homework since it is “Too much and takes a lot of time”, “The teachers should give less ELA homework”, and “There’s no time in school to do the ELA homework”. Some people in the survey wanted “More time to do work at school” and “Less homework!” Of these people that don’t like homework, most are 8th graders, which are one-third of the submissions of the survey. 

According to “” The recommended time for 8th grade homework for teachers is 90min. But usually 8th graders take 15min – 4hours! In the survey, more than ⅔ of all the people take more than 1 hour. Almost all of the students have extracurricular activities except for a minority of 6 people. 

Because of this, a little less than half of the people in this survey don’t have, or barely have enough time to do homework well. But even though lots of people dislike homework, only 20% of the people dislike school. 

Zander Aspinall, a 4th grader says “I don’t like homework since the teachers could just give us more classwork then give more homework. I think I spend the most time on math, but ELA is harder. ” When asked about the oncoming iReady assignments, he says that iReady is really fun. He spends, on average, 1 hour at home on homework. 

In contrast to 8th grader Mason McHale, who spends 2 hours working on homework. Elliot Ross, a 5th grader, says “The homework is OK but there is too little time to do it.” He thinks there is a good balance since sometimes it’s hard while sometimes it’s easy. He agrees with Zander that ELA is the hardest subject since you have to research a lot. Elliot says “I like school since it’s a good place to be social and you can meet with friends without doing playdates or meetings.” 

After interviewing with 5th grade ELA teacher, Mrs. Snyder says that “We are trying to assign as little homework as possible, but still help the students grow.” She added “Some people struggle with math while some struggle with ELA. Overall, it just depends on what your strengths are.” She believes that meaningless homework is not useful, but homework that can make students actually grow is very important. In general, people dislike homework but you don’t have to worry about it as long as you pay attention in class, and do homework focused. You can get good grades.


*Note: Research is based on a 100 response survey on homework.