Review: 8th Graders do Shakespeare


Olivia H, Beat Reporter

The North Star 8th graders have worked for several weeks on their Shakespeare play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. They did very well, But given the short time, there were also a few things they could improve. Three 6th graders in the audience,  Ava, Tatum, and Steffen all think the play was fun to watch. They thought the costumes were pretty good. However, the  6th graders said they could improve on being a little louder.  Overall they thought it was a good show.

The 3rd graders in attendance had similar views.  Zoe and Aarav both agree that the costumes were good and matched the time. Like the 6th graders, the 3rd graders also thought that it was fun. The feedback they gave is that they could be more serious but they thought all in all it was a pretty good play.

An 8th grader from the cast, Olivia, thinks that the cast could  do a better job of  memorizing their lines and reading them clearly by slowing them down. She played Thisbi which is a person playing a character. Olivia thinks the costumes were her favorite because they were old and pretty but sometimes needed to be adjusted. “I had fun being able to learn this material in a different way than we usually learn. It was enjoyable, and fun, and we were able to collaborate and express ourselves with something new,”  she added.