What’s the Scoop on the Cooking Enrichment?

What’s the Scoop on the Cooking Enrichment?

Minna and Anna

The cooking enrichment has always been one of the most popular enrichment options, with many being unable to get in even if they put it as their first choice. This school year, there have been two trimesters when the cooking enrichment has been offered and in both trimesters, it has been one of, if not the most popular enrichment option. So why exactly is the cooking enrichment so popular? 

Well, Camila Vazquez, an 8th grader in the enrichment says, “People want to do it because it is fun and gives a lot less work than other enrichments,” and Charlene Xu, another student states that she chose this enrichment because, “It is fun and I get to taste new food”. This explains exactly why the cooking enrichment is in such high demand. It is just a very fun enrichment and of course, you get to eat the food you make.


Even though the cooking enrichment is loved and favored by many, it still has its flaws. Reese Skye, another student in the cooking enrichment states, “I want to cook more.” The students only get to cook on Tuesday and Thursday which Reese dislikes. She wants to dedicate more days to cooking and less toward creating and writing their own recipes. 

This popular enrichment is definitely the experience to undergo, but will students choose it again? Would they like to cook more throughout their experiences in North Star Academy? Well, Reese Skye took the cooking enrichment twice, once in 5th grade and another in 8th grade, and she loved it both times. When we interviewed this student and asked her if she had the chance to take this enrichment again, would she take it? She said, “Yeah definitely” because this type of opportunity does not come rolling down your path every trimester. 

At the moment, students in the cooking enrichment are working on creating new recipes using a specific ingredient such as tofu and they just finished making Chicken Kyiv and potato salad. The new recipes that each student is making will be constructed into a cookbook and they will continue making more recipes all throughout the school year.

The cooking enrichment is undoubtedly one of the most popular enrichment options that are offered each year and there are many reasons as to why. The majority of students in this enrichment can attest to how fun it is and many of them would definitely do it again if they had the chance. Many also like the experience and how they get to cook foods that they, eventually, get to consume. This enrichment is definitely one of the top choices and is definitely going down in the yearbooks yet to come. If the enrichment is offered again, would you choose the cooking enrichment?