Spring Break is Here

Spring Break is Here

Hanna and Carey

Many kids at North Star have a variety of activities they are doing during spring break. Some are going to different states or countries, while others are staying home and relaxing. We interviewed a few students to see what they’re doing if they’re going anywhere.

Jacob B., a 5th grader, is very excited for spring break. “I’ll be going to Mexico City to visit my cousins [and] it’s going to be a blast!” Other students, such as Hailey G from 4th grade, have also visited Mexico on past breaks. 

Hailey is very excited to go to Palm Springs this spring break. “We’re stopping in Los Angeles and Hollywood, [but it’s] 10 HOURS OF DRIVING!!” She clearly isn’t too excited about driving for long hours, but she can’t wait to go to Hollywood and Los Angeles.

The 8th graders are going on their DC/NY trip during their spring break! Charlene X says, “We get to room with our friends!” She seemed quite thrilled to go, even if it’s all the way across the country.

Lucy O, a 5th grader, is going to a well known vacation place… Hawaii! “I’m going to watch my dad’s cousins in a hula competition! Isn’t that cool?!” Many other scholars are also going to Hawaii or already have on previous trips.

Some of the other places people have gone during different breaks include Tahoe, Nevada, Florida, and Utah. Others head out of the country to places like Japan, Italy, and even Peru!

Many people have gone on various adventures during spring break, but every trip is unique. Going out of the state is exciting, but staying home is also one of the top choices for someone who wants to relax. What are you doing during spring break?