Ms. Suresh is Pregnant!?

Ms. Suresh is Pregnant!?

Minna and Anna


Did you know there is a new North Star baby on the way!? Ms. Suresh, the seventh and eighth-grade science teacher, is expecting a baby! 

According to Ms. Suresh, the baby is due this coming September—in just 4 months! Ms. Suresh has also confirmed the gender of the baby and it is indeed a boy.

Ms. Suresh is very nervous about her upcoming journey of parenthood and she says, “I am a little terrified but also really excited.” She says that she thinks her life will change by getting much less sleep and that parenthood will be a new experience for her because she grew up without any younger children in the house.

       So far, Ms. Suresh has no idea what she will name her child; which is also part of the reason she released a form asking for baby name recommendations. Many students responded to this survey with wonderful, and intriguing name ideas. Be sure to fill it out as well!

        The news of Ms. Suresh’s pregnancy was shocking to many North Star students. Eline van de Wyer of eighth grade, when asked how she took the pregnancy news, says, “It was crazy! I didn’t know at all!” We also asked if she was happy for Ms. Suresh, and she stated, “Yes, a hundred times yes!!!” 

Everyone at North Star is so excited for Ms. Suresh’s pregnancy and we all look forward to having a new North Star baby on the campus. It is also so interesting that Ms. Suresh is pregnant at the same time as Ms. Tickle and Mr. Havey’s wife. There are so many new babies coming to North Star right now!

Sadly, Ms. Suresh plans on taking maternity leave at the beginning of next year for an unknown amount of time. We are all so happy for Ms. Suresh and hope that she enjoys every second with her new baby boy. We are confident that Ms. Suresh will make the best mother and we are looking forward to seeing her again next year with a new child!