Ms. Tickel’s Baby!

Ms. Tickels Baby!

Emma and Michaela

Fifth grade science and ELA teacher, Ms. Tickel, is having her first baby, a girl! She is teaching at North Star this year for her first time in 5th grade science. She will be taking a leave for the start of next summer’s break.  Ms. Tickel said it’s her first baby and she is really happy about it.  The baby’s father, Tim Murai, works at Whole Foods. 

Ms. Tickel’s baby is not affecting her class besides her asking her classes for baby books and girl names. However she will be out on maternity leave for the fall trimester Since she will be gone for the first part of the year, a long-term sub is required. Mrs. Shackel  said she is considering Mrs. Thompson or Mrs. Kalvaria. Though the baby is still a while away, Mrs. Shackel expressed great excitement at the prospect of it. 

Students from Ms. Tickle’s enrichment say the baby was not really affecting the class yet. Although Griffin Y. said that she seems more stressed, while Jacob B. said that she is more chill.  She does rub her belly often. When asked about it, she said it doesn’t hurt, but she could feel the baby. 

Ms. Tickle and her partner. are planning for the baby shower and getting a nursery. They have come up with a baby name now, but are keeping it a secret. The only clue she gave one class, was that no one in 5th grade has that name. She will be on Maternity leave in August through December and expects to be back in January. She is excited about the baby, and promised to bring baby pictures.(Nothing slimy.) 

Mrs. Burg is Ms. Tickels Co-Teacher for enrichment. Mrs. Burg said Ms. Tickel is focused and hasn’t said anything baby wise or acted differently than usual. Mrs. Burg did say that she had this ‘baby glow’ about her, however.