Musicals at North Star

Musicals at North Star

Joanna, Lucy, and Emily

Have you ever wondered what the
musical productions at NSA are like?  Every year (except for during COVID) North Star has put on at least one musical play.  This year.  This year they did a fantastic rendition of the beloved children’s classic Frozen.  

In the past we have done plays such as Oliver, Mary Poppins Jr.  The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan,  and Legally Blonde.  Many students have seen these musicals and many have been in the cast for these magnificent productions, so they have strong opinions about our productions.

A musical is similar to a play, but involves more music, singing and dance. Many people think that Frozen Jr. was the best musical, because of how well the performers played their roles, as well as the dancing and singing. The most popular song from Frozen was “Let it Go”, an original song from the production of the Disney movie, Frozen. “Frozen was really good, all the actors played their parts really well,”said 5th grader Poppy C

 To be in the cast, you first have to pass an audition. Some people think the audition is stressful, while others believe it’s no different than being backstage. Although for the 5th graders this year, they were put in the ensemble because of outdoor ed. After auditions and if you even make it into the musical, you will start working on the musical backstage. According to Maddy M, a 5th grader, “When you’re backstage it’s a lot of chaos, but it makes sense” She also says that being backstage is nice because you’re able to meet lots of people with the same interests as you. 7th grader, Lucy T. added, “The backstage is chaotic but is a ton of fun”. CJ in 8th grade said, “The auditions were crowded.”

The Mary Poppins performance was “amazing and action packed,” said 5th grader Emma “It was a lot like the movie,” she added.

         “It is really great to see all your friends ,” Ella Y said.  Hayes, a fifth grader said, being in the prologue was “There was more fun than work.  I got to do it with a lot of my friends.”
Minna, an 8th grader said being in Mary Poppins was definitely a lot of work, but in the end it was worth all the time and hard work.”

Most students say that they have only seen one musical, and that is the Frozen Jr. musical. Although some people say they have seen other musicals as well, such as some people say they have seen other musicals as well, such as Mila Lai from 5th grade who said she saw the Mary Poppins musical. One of the oldest musicals that a few people have seen was Anything Goes. 

Mila Lai, a 5th grader,  said that “Musicals are good but the actors could be more serious”. Eighth  grader Griffin said the director is great and the producer as well – so thank you Mrs. Garrino and Ms. Maureen!

We will just have to wait and see what exciting musical they will be producing next year!