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The Student News Site of North Star Academy

Gryphon Gazette

The Student News Site of North Star Academy

Gryphon Gazette

The Student News Site of North Star Academy

Gryphon Gazette


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Scratch’s Intel Trip
Scratch’s Intel Trip
Jackie K. and Noah K. November 8, 2023
The Bathrooms
The Bathrooms
Sawyer and Alexander November 8, 2023
Mr. Slater’s Busy  Substitute Experience
Mr. Slater’s Busy Substitute Experience
Catherine X. November 8, 2023

Mr. Havey’s Baby

Mr. Haveys Baby

Soon, there is going to be a new addition to the North Star family! Mr. Havey teaches 6th grade science and his wife, Meredith, is now expecting another child, coming September 23rd, 2023. At home they already have a 2 ½ year old daughter who will soon meet her baby brother or sister. Now that Bridget, their daughter, knows she is going to be a big sister, Mr. Havey said she apparently, “…is super excited and has been practicing with her babies and keeps yelling that she will be a big sister,”. Also, when asked if he would teach again next year, he replied with “I plan on it.” So, luckily he’ll be back again to teach 6th graders.

Gender and Name?

In terms of gender, he and his wife waited until their first baby was born to find out, and decided to do the same for the second. So, it will be a surprise! They have created a list of baby boy and girl names but have not settled on any specific one yet. Mr. Havey said: “Our families are Irish/Scottish, so the name would probably be an Irish name.”    

Two sixth grade students who are in Mr. Havey’s class and think he is a very fun teacher were interviewed. When asked “What are your thoughts on the news?” Wren Hains replied with, “Mr. Havey’s baby is like the sibling I never had, I don’t like my sister anyways!” and Anya Malhotra added, “I’m so happy to hear that there will be a new addition to the gryphon family! The more the merrier!” Anya said this about a name when she was asked: “If they won’t name their child after us, maybe it could be Bart for a boy or Velveeta for a girl, since I am just so passionate about cheese!” Wren also recommended the name “Alfalfa, because it is so unique.” It is clear how excited North Star is!


As zodiac signs and astrology become increasingly popular, we have to find out what the baby’s sign will be! Since they are due September 23 in the year 2023, they will be a Virgo. The Virgo dates for 2023 are August 24 – September 23. Virgos have organized, analytic minds, and a great intuition. Virgos are naturally curious and have a talent for research. Overall, Virgos can tend to be very smart (slightly stubborn but conflict-avoiding) people. 

All of that is to say that the Haveys are very excited, and so are we!

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